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The following is a list of missions in Marvel's Spider-Man. Missions serve as the main storyline of the game, indicated by yellow icons (Main mission map icon from MSM screen.png) on the map, and generally begin with a cutscene. Many missions will result in a reward of some kind, such as a new gadget or suit, in addition to experience points. There are 44 missions available in the base game, with 26 additional missions featured in The City That Never Sleeps downloadable content.

Aside from main missions, players are also free to explore various side missions and citywide activities found throughout New York City.

Main missions

Marvel's Spider-Man

Chapters Mission Playable characters Unlocks
Act 1 Clearing the Way Peter Parker
The Main Event Skill Tree
My OTHER Other Job Lab use
Keeping the Peace Map use
Something Old, Something New Advanced Suit
Fisk Hideout Impact Web
Fisk Hideouts
Landmarking Landmark photography
For She's a Jolly Good Fellow
Don't Touch the Art Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
A Shocking Comeback Peter Parker
The Mask
Day to Remember
Harry's Passion Project Research Stations
Financial Shock
Wheels within Wheels Electric Web
Map fast travel
Home Sweet Home Web Bomb
Stakeout Black Cat Stakeouts
Couch Surfing
Straw, Meet Camel
And the Award Goes to... Peter Parker
Miles Morales
Act 2 Dual Purpose Peter Parker Trip Mine
Demon Warehouses
Hidden Agenda
A Fresh Start
Dinner Date Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Up the Water Spout... Peter Parker
What's in the Box? Taskmaster Challenges
Back to School
Uninvited Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Strong Connections Peter Parker
First Day Peter Parker
Miles Morales
Collision Course Peter Parker
The One That Got Away Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Breakthrough Peter Parker
Out of the Frying Pan... Sable Outposts
Prisoner Camps
Act 3 ...Into the Fire
Picking up the Trail
Streets of Poison
Supply Run Peter Parker
Miles Morales
Heavy Hitter Peter Parker
Step Into My Parlor... Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
The Heart of the Matter Peter Parker
Pax in Bello Anti-Ock Suit

The City That Never Sleeps

Chapters Mission Unlocks
"The Heist" The Maria Resilient Suit
The Trouble with Arson Maggia Crimes
Long Lost Loot Hardy's Stolen Art
Like Old Times
Something is Screwy Screwball Challenges
Trail of the Cat
Pursuing the Truth
Cover for the Cat
Follow the Money Spider-UK Suit
"Turf Wars" Blindsided Spider-Armor MK I Suit
The Bar With No Name Hammerhead Fronts
Jury Rigging Hammerhead Crimes
Last Stand
Season Two Screwball Challenges
Yuri's Revenge
Bring the Hammer Down Iron Spider Armor
"Silver Lining" Old Friends Aaron Aikman Armor
Season 3 Screwball Challenges
Rio Bravo Hammerhead Crimes
Together But Alone
Humanitarian Aid
Trust Issues Olympus Hideouts
Getting Deep Crime Scene Recordings
One Plus One Equals Win Cyborg Spider-Man Suit

Side missions

Trophy: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Complete all Side Missions Bronze

Each district has different side missions that players can complete. These appear as blue icons (Side mission map icon from MSM screen.png) on the map and are optional missions provided to the player as they enter or unlock specific regions. Some side missions are unlocked through story progression while others take a bit more work. They are typically assigned to Spider-Man by the citizens of New York City, and award experience points upon completion. However, some of the side missions are only available at specific forecast.

Campaigns Name Required mission Forecast
Marvel's Spider-Man The Network is Down Keeping the Peace All
Storming the Castle Nighttime
Spider-Man P.I. A Shocking Comeback
Spider-Men The Mask Daylight
Cat's Cradle Stakeout Nighttime
Helping Howard Couch Surfing All
Internet Famous Straw, Meet Camel Nighttime
Tombstone: On the Move Up the Water Spout...
Tombstone: What's He Building in There... Side mission: Tombstone: On the Move
Tombstone: Let's Get Ready to... Side mission: Tombstone: What's He Building in There...
College Buddies Spider-Hack
Tick Tock Side mission: College Buddies
Over His Head Side mission: Tick Tock
A Matter of Debate Side mission: Over His Head
Home Team Advantage Side mission: A Matter of Debate
Snipe Hunt Uninvited
Error: File Not Found The One That Got Away
The City That Never Sleeps Like a Fiddle Collect all of Hardy's Stolen Art in "The Heist" Nighttime
Season Finale Complete all Screwball Challenges in "Turf Wars" All
Wrap Party Complete all Screwball Challenges in "Silver Lining" Sunset
Aiding a Human Clear all Olympus Hideouts in "Silver Lining"
Scales of Justice Collect all Crime Scene Recordings in "Silver Lining"

Citywide activities

As players progress through the game, citywide activities are unlocked after completing certain missions. These are optional activities that are scattered throughout the city. Completing them will reward players with tokens, collections and in some cases, suits. Some side missions require certain activities to be completed in order to be unlocked, as seen in The City That Never Sleeps campaign.

Icon Name Required mission Unlocks
Backpacks map icon.png Backpacks Keeping the Peace Homemade Suit
Landmarks map icon.png Landmarks Landmarking ESU Suit (Secret landmarks)
Fisk Hideouts map icon.png Fisk Hideouts Fisk Hideout
Demon Warehouses map icon.png Demon Warehouses Dual Purpose
Sable Outposts map icon.png Sable Outposts Out of the Frying Pan...
Prisoner Camps map icon.png Prisoner Camps
Research Stations map icon.png Research Stations Harry's Passion Project
Black Cat Stakeouts map icon.png Black Cat Stakeouts Stakeout
Pigeons map icon.png Pigeons Couch Surfing
Taskmaster Challenges map icon.png Taskmaster Challenges What's in the Box?
Crimes map icon.png Crimes Keeping the Peace
Hardys Stolen Art map icon.png Hardy's Stolen Art Long Lost Loot Mission: Like a Fiddle
Screwball Challenges map icon.png Screwball Challenges Something is Screwy Missions:
Season Finale
Wrap Party
Hammerhead Fronts map icon.png Hammerhead Fronts The Bar With No Name
Olympus Hideouts map icon.png Olympus Hideouts Trust Issues Mission: Aiding a Human
Crime Scene Recordings map icon.png Crime Scene Recordings Getting Deep Mission: Scales of Justice