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Trophy data
King of Swing
Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark Bronze
And Stay Down!
Complete a level 1 Combat Benchmark Bronze
Grinding All the Way
Max out one Benchmark type Silver

Benchmarks are extra feats players may accomplish during the course of play in Marvel's Spider-Man. Completing each will reward extra experience points. Each Benchmark has three levels to it, with increasing XP for each; those shown below are for the first level only.


Name Description XP
Amazing I Defeat 250 enemies while at full health. 50
Ascension I Yank 100 enemies into the air. 50
Brawler I Perform a 15 hit (or more) combo 100 times. 50
Champion I Perform a 30 hit (or more) combo 50 times. 50
Combowned Perform a 50 hit (or more) combo 25 times. 50
Demoted I Disarm 100 enemies wielding pistols or batons.
(Once disarming ability is unlocked, hold Triangle.)
Duelist I Perform 100 Perfect Hits.
(Press Square just as an attack lands to generate bonus Focus.)
Finish Him I Use 250 finishers.
(Triangle + Circle: Performs a powerful attack that takes down enemies instantly. Requires one full Focus bar.)
Free Fall I Dive 10,000 meters. 50
Free Runner Parkour 250 times. 50
Frequent Flyer I Web Throw 100 enemies.
(Hold Triangle: Yanks the enemy and spins them around.)
Hang Tight I Stick 100 enemies to walls with webs.
(Rapidly tap L1: Quickly fire webs at an enemy to web them up. If they are near a wall they will get stuck to it.)
Hard Landing I Yank 100 enemies out of the air.
(Hold Square, Hold Triangle: Launches an enemy up into the air, then slams them to the ground, knocking back nearby enemies.)
Home Run I Knock or throw 100 enemies off buildings. 50
I'll Take That I Disarm 100 enemies wielding rifles, rocket launchers, or shields.
(Once disarming ability is unlocked, hold Triangle.)
Judoka I Physically throw 100 enemies.
(Square, hold Triangle: Throws an enemy in any direction after punching them.)
Pendulum I Perform 100 Swing Kicks. 50
Skimmer I Swing near the ground for 5000 meters. 50
Sky Skipper I Point launch 500 times.
(L2 + R2, X: While zipping to a point, jump right before landing to launch forward and gain additional speed.)
Speed Freak I Swing faster than 28 meters/second for 600 seconds. 50
Take Five I Wrap up 100 enemies with webs. 50
Trapper I Stun or defeat 100 enemies with the Trip Mine. 50
Trebuchet I While wall running upwards, slingshot off of the rooftop 250 times. 50
Untouchable I Perfect Dodge 500 enemy attacks.
(Circle: Dodge at the last moment to perform a Perfect Dodge.)
Wall Runner I Wall run for 5000 meters.
(While near or on a wall hold R2 to wall run.)
Whiplash I Slingshot around 50 building corners while wall running.
(Hold Circle near a building corner to automatically corner it.)
Zapped I Stun 100 enemies with electricity.
(Use Electric Web.)