Featured articles (Featured article) are the best articles on the Marvel's Spider-Man Wiki, as determined through an exhaustive peer-review process at the nominations component. There, articles are scrutinized against the featured article criteria, then promoted or declined according to consensus.

The goal of this project is to produce and recognize exemplary articles, ideally for the benefit of other articles, and to spotlight the best the wiki has to offer. To that end, the lede sections of featured articles are displayed on the Main Page (see here).

There are 3 featured articles out of the 217 articles on the Marvel's Spider-Man Wiki. Featured articles that no longer meet community standards may be demoted according to consensus.

Featured article criteriaEdit

A featured article is:

  1. Well-written.
    1. The prose is lucid and engaging; its content succinct but precise.
    2. The grammar and punctuation is of a professional standard.
  2. Of encyclopedic merit.
    1. The material is verifiable against inline citations to reliable sources.
    2. The article is well-researched, authoritative, and has an interesting topic.
    3. The article is comprehensive but focused, placing the topic in context but not digressing from its primary subject.
  3. Compliant with community standards.
    1. It complies most importantly with Verifiability and Notability.
    2. It is an exemplary reflection of the Manual of Style and File use guidelines.
    3. It is consistent with any firmly established writing, organization, and formatting conventions.