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Trophy: Be Yourself
Collect all Trophies Platinum

Trophies are collectibles in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There are 50 trophies available in the game, most of which are for completing missions, obtaining collectibles, and completing certain tasks.

Collecting all trophies will unlock the platinum trophy "Be Yourself".


Name Requirement Image
Be Yourself Collect all Trophies Be Yourself.png
Just the Beginning Unlock all Skills Just the Beginning.png
A New Home 100% complete all districts A New Home.png
Urban Explorers Collect all Time Capsules Urban Explorers.png
Memory Lane Collect all Postcards Memory Lane.png
Salvager Open all Underground Caches Salvager.png
Under Their Noses Shut down all Roxxon Labs Under Their Noses.png
Underground Undone Shut down all Underground Hideouts Underground Undone.png
Ready for Anything Purchase all suits Ready for Anything.png
Come at the King Unravel a criminal conspiracy in Harlem Come at the King.png
Never Saw It Coming Complete an Enemy Base without being detected Never Saw It Coming.png
100x Combo!!! Perform a 100x Combo 100x Combo.png
Launch, Swing and Dive Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Traversal Challenge Launch Swing and Dive.png
Punching Pixels Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Combat Challenge Punching Pixels.png
Dodging Light Get Spectacular or better in a Spider-Training Stealth Challenge Dodging Light.png
Spider-Training: Complete Complete every Spider-Training Challenge once Spider-Training Complete.png
Pete's First Villain Complete the Final Test Pete's First Villain.png
Kitbash Craft 10 Upgrades Kitbash.png
Rhino Rodeo Ride Rhino through the mall Rhino Rodeo.png
Deep Cuts Collect all Sound Samples and recreate the Davis Brothers Mix Deep Cuts.png
Hanging By A Thread Keep the bridge together Hanging By A Thread.png
The Core of the Problem Investigate Roxxon's underground lab The Core of the Problem.png
True Deception Complete the vault sequence in Underground Undercover True Deception.png
The Harlem Express Get the trains running again The Harlem Express.png
Veloci-Skates Chase Tinkerer through the city Veloci-Skates.png
Shared History Walk through Miles and Phin's past Shared History.png
Exploding Bulldozer Defeat Roxxon Rhino Exploding Bulldozer.png
Family Drama Defeat Prowler Family Drama.png
Ultimate Sacrifice Save Harlem Ultimate Sacrifice.png
From the Rafters Perform 25 Ceiling Takedowns From the Rafters.png
Climbing the Walls Perform 25 Wall Takedowns Climbing the Walls.png
Invisible Spider Defeat 50 enemies while Camouflaged Invisible Spider.png
Overcharge Defeat 100 enemies with Venom attacks Overcharge.png
Up and Over Perform a Venom Jump, then a Venom Dash on a single enemy Up and Over.png
From Downtown Use Venom Dash to throw an enemy into a group of three or more From Downtown.png
Like a Rhino In A China Shop Smash into 15 breakable objects while steering Rhino through the shopping mall Like a Rhino In A China Shop.png
Competitive Spirit Beat Phin at the rocket launch mini-game Competitive Spirit.png
Best Fries in Town Pay your respects to a legend in the Upper West Side Best Fries in Town.png
JJJ Would Be Proud Apply a sticker and customize lighting while in Photo Mode JJJ Would Be Proud.png
Trapped Defeat 50 enemies with Remote Mine gadget Trapped.png
Five Star Review Complete all FNSM app requests Five Star Review.png
Mod that Suit Craft a Suit Mod Mod that Suit.png
Look with Better Eyes Craft a Visor Mod Look with Better Eyes.png
Never Give Up Pay respects at Jefferson Davis' grave in Harlem Never Give Up.png
A Gift From Pete Receive the Gift Suit A Gift From Pete.png
Crime Master Complete all Bonus Objectives for every crime type Crime Master.png
Nowhere to Hide Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns Nowhere to Hide.png
I'm On A Boat Ride the derelict boat in southern Chinatown I'm On A Boat.png
Socially Acceptable Scroll through the entire Social Feed at the end of the story Socially Acceptable.png
Plus Plus Complete the game on New Game+ Plus Plus.png