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Trophy data
From the Rafters
Perform 25 Ceiling Takedowns Bronze
Climbing the Walls
Perform 25 Wall Takedowns Bronze
Invisible Spider
Defeat 50 enemies while Camouflaged Bronze
Defeat 100 enemies with Venom attacks Bronze
Up and Over
Perform a Venom Jump, then a Venom Dash on a single enemy Bronze
From Downtown
Use Venom Dash to throw an enemy into a group of three or more Bronze
Nowhere to Hide
Perform 100 Stealth Takedowns Bronze
100x Combo!!!
Perform a 100x Combo Silver

Below are the controls, or moves list, for players while playing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Basic combat

Name Controls Effect
Basic Attack Square Basic attack.
Basic Combo Square, Square, Square, Square This is the basic 4-hit ground combo. The last hit of the combo sends most enemies flying.
Web Strike Tap Triangle An attack that zips to the target and hits them.
Yank Enemy Hold Triangle Yanks the enemy and spins them around, opening them up to basic attacks.
Disarm Enemy Hold Triangle Disarms enemies and spins them around, opening them up to basic attacks. Great for enemies with melee weapons.
Web Throw Hold Triangle Yank and throw a webbed or electrified enemy. Thrown enemies will stick to walls.
Web Yank Opportunist Hold Triangle Yank an enemy back after sending them flying from a Melee Combo or Venom attack. It causes Venom Stun on impact.
Spin Cycle Hold Triangle, Tap Triangle, Triangle, Triangle When throwing an enemy, rapidly tap Triangle during the throw to continue spinning enemies.
Dodge Circle Dodge enemy attacks.
Perfect Dodge Circle Dodge at the last moment to perform a Perfect Dodge. This grants temporary immunity and also briefly slows time.
Long Dodge Circle, X Jumping after a dodge increases your jump distance. This is great for getting out of Area of Effect attacks.
Dodge Under Square, Circle Punch or Web Strike an enemy and dodge towards them to slide under their legs. This opens them up to back attacks. This is great against Shield enemies.
Off the Wall Attack Circle, Square Dodge into a wall, then launch off and strike multiple enemies in a row.
Web Shooter Rapidly Tap L1 Quickly fire webs at an enemy to web them up. If they are near a wall they will get stuck to it. This is great for slowing Brute enemies.
Throw Square, hold Triangle Throws an enemy in any direction after punching them. It will knock down nearby enemies.
Yank Down Attack Hold Square, Hold Triangle Launches an enemy up into the air, then slams them to the ground, knocking back nearby enemies.
Yank and Throw Object Hold L1 + L1 Yank and throw small environmental object. Large environmental objects will be yanked down instead of thrown.
Finisher Circle + Triangle Performs a powerful attack that takes down enemies instantly. Requires one full Focus bar.
Heal Down Uses available Focus to heal. Spider-Man can build focus by attacking enemies. Air Combat generates more focus than ground combat.

Air combat

Name Controls Effect
Air Launcher Hold Square Hold Square to launch an enemy into the air. A great way to begin air combat.
Air Launcher Follow Up Hold Square, Square Launch an enemy into the air, then follow up with another quick attack.
Air Combo Square, Square, Square, Square This is the basic 4 hit air combo. The last of the combo sends enemies flying.
Leap Off Square, X Leap off enemies after punching or web striking them. This is a great way to start air combat, and avoid rushing enemies.
Swing Kick Hold Square Hold Square while in the air to swing kick into an enemy. This launches the enemy into the air.
Air Yank Hold Triangle Yanks enemies into the air. This is great for chaining into air combat.
Air Throw Hold Triangle Grabs an enemy in the air and throws them to the ground, knocking enemies back.

Venom skills

Name Controls Effect
Venom Punch L1 + Square Perform a Venom Punch that Venom Stuns a single enemy. Venom Stunned enemies take additional damage from subsequent attacks. Costs one Venom bar.
Venom Smash L1 + Square + X Perform an aerial Venom Punch that smashes into the ground, Venom Stunning multiple enemies. Venom Stunned enemies take additional damage from subsequent attacks. Costs one Venom bar.
Venom Dash L1 + Triangle Dash toward an enemy, Venom Stunning and throwing them. On impact, Venom Stuns surrounding enemies. Venom Stunned enemies take additional damage from subsequent attacks. Costs one Venom bar.
Venom Jump L1 + X Launch nearby enemies into the air, disarming and Venom Stunning them. Vennom Stunned enemies take additional damage from subsequent attacks. Costs one Venom bar.
Venom Dash Launcher L1 + Triangle, X While performing a Venom Dash, jump off the enemy to trigger a Venom Jump at no cost and launch surrounding enemies into the air.
Mega Venom Blast L1 + Circle + Triangle Perform a powerful area-of-effect attack that Venom Stuns multiple enemies and heals Miles. Venom Stunned enemies take additional damage from subsequent attacks. Costs 3 Venom bars.


Name Controls Effect
Camouflage Up Activate and deactivate Camouflage, making Miles invisible to most enemies. The Camouflage Meter drains while invisible. Once depleted, Miles becomes visible.
Scan Environment R3 Scan the environment to reveal enemies, objects, and available interactions.
Blinding Light L3 + R3 While Camouflaged, trigger a blinding flash of light that reveals you and stuns surrounding enemies.
Activate Remote Mine L3 Trigger a remote mine after deploying it. Remote mines stun nearby enemies.
Tag Enemy Hold L2 While holding L2, hover over an enemy to tag them. Tagged enemies can be seen through walls and objects.
Stealth Takedown Square Perform a Stealth Takedown on unaware enemies. Stealth Takedowns can be performed from walls, ceilings, perches, and the ground.
Web-Strike Takedown Triangle Perform a Web-Strike Takedown on unaware enemies. Web-Strike Takedowns can be performed from a distance.
Web Cocoon Bomb L1 + L1 Yank down enemies cocooned during stealth, causing the webs to explode and web up nearby enemies.


Name Controls Effect
Swing Hold R2 To gain speed while swinging, release R2 or jump at the top of the swing.
Jump X Jump in the air.
Web Zip X While in the air, press X to Web Zip. Web Zip is great for maintaining altitude and changing direction.
Zip to Point L2 + R2 Look at a highlighted point and zip to it.
Point Launch L2 + R2, X While zipping to a point, jump right before landing to launch forward and gain additional speed.
Wall Run Hold R2 While near or on a wall hold R2 to wall run.
Vertical Wall Jump X While running up a wall, tap X to move up faster.
Wall Cornering Hold Circle Hold Circle near a building corner to automatically corner it.
Quick Recovery X After landing, press X during a roll to launch back into the air.
Ceiling Hang L2 While wall crawling on a ceiling press L2 to ceiling hang. While hanging, use Left analog stick to ascend or descend.
Charge Jump Hold R2 + X, Release X While sprinting or standing, hold R2 + X to build up charge, then release X for a huge leap.

Air Tricks

Name Controls Effect
Trick Mode Hold Square + Left analog stick While in trick mode, push Left analog stick in any direction to perform a trick. Tricks generate Venom Power and earn XP.
Front Pike Hold Square + Up Tricks are performed while in trick mode.
Cannonball Hold Square + Up, Up
Webster Hold Square + Up, Down
Turtle Spin Hold Square + Up, Left or Right
Inverse Flip Hold Square + Down
Pan Stall Hold Square + Down, Up
Miles Special Hold Square + Down, Down
Whirlwind Hold Square + Down, Left or Right
Indy Grab Hold Square + Left
Side Front Tuck Hold Square + Left, Up
Backside Stailfish Hold Square + Left, Down
Dragon Roll Hold Square + Left, Left or Right
Curly Fry Hold Square + Right
Roly Poly Hold Square + Right, Up
Backside Wacky Hold Square + Right, Down
Windmill Hold Square + Right, Left or Right
Bullet Dive L3, Hold Square + L3
Free Fall Dive L3, Hold Square + L3, Up
Downfall Dive L3, Hold Square + L3, Down
Torpedo Dive L3, Hold Square + L3, Left or Right