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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a video game featuring the Miles Morales incarnation of the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Announced June 11, 2020, it is a standalone game that takes place after Marvel's Spider-Man, and was released on November 12 and November 19, 2020 as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.[1][2]


The story picks up about a year after the events of The City That Never Sleeps. Miles Morales, having gained spider-like powers himself at the end of Marvel's Spider-Man, looks to become the newest web-slinger of New York City under the guidance of his mentor, Peter Parker.

A year later after his training with Peter is complete, Miles has fully integrated himself into the black and red suit as an experienced Spider-Man while defending both his new home in Harlem and the rest of New York City from a gang war between the energy corporation, Roxxon and a high-tech criminal army, known as the Underground, lead by the Tinkerer. Parker tells Miles that he has to be like his late father and walk on the path to becoming a hero for the city of New York.[3][4]


The game is an action-adventure title that was initially reported to be "an expansion and an enhancement to the previous game."[5] However, Insomniac Games would later clarify that it is a standalone spin-off that continues the adventures of Marvel's Spider-Man.[6]

The gameplay appears to retain some elements of the original PlayStation 4 title, such as New York being the free roam area, a variety of takedowns to be utilized on enemies, and Suit Mods being available to equip. Unlike Peter, Miles is seen using powers of invisibility and bioelectricity.

The game also includes such technical improvements as "near-instantaneous fast-travel across Marvel’s New York City" and "highly-detailed character models and enhanced visuals" to take advantage of the PlayStation 5's more powerful hardware.[6] This had been desired since the original PlayStation 4 game; Insomniac's solution to load New York City while webslinging through it was constrained by its heavy reliance on RAM, and the PlayStation 5's SSD would resolve this issue.[7]


The soundtrack contains most of the music that is featured in the game. It was composed by John Paesano with original songs made by artists Jaden Smith and Lecrae. It was released digitally on November 10, 2020 with 19 tracks.

# Song title Length
1 Don't Give Up 4:10
2 Rhino Rampage 4:05
3 New York's Only Spider-Man 2:53
4 Spider-Training 2:56
5 Best Friends 5:16
6 Be Yourself 4:18
7 Confession 6:40
8 The Underground 2:42
9 Thicker Than Water 4:55
10 On the Case 2:42
# Song title Length
11 All In 3:53
12 Trying to Protect You 2:28
13 We're Here for You 3:24
14 Worst Enemies 4:07
15 Make It Right 5:57
16 Won't Give Up 2:21
17 I'm Ready (Jaden) 3:09
18 Where We Come From (Lecrae) 2:29
19 This Is My Time (Lecrae) 2:15


Pre-order perks

Digital pre-order bonuses

Users who pre-ordered any version of the game via the PlayStation Store also received the following:

Production credits


Directors Brian Horton
Bryan Intihar
Marcus Smith
Ryan Smith
Designers Cameron Christian
Mark Stuart
Josue Benavidez
Mike Daly
Joel Goodsell
Casey Smith
Artists Jacinda Chew
Gavin Goulden
Jason Hickey
Grant Hollis
Writers Ben Arfman
Nick Folkman
Max Folkman
Mary Kenney
Lauren Mee
Composer John Paesano

Voice cast

Miles Morales / Spider-Man Nadji Jeter
Peter Parker / Spider-Man Yuri Lowenthal
Rio Morales Jacqueline Piñol
Rhino Fred Tatasciore
J. Jonah Jameson Darin de Paul
Simon Krieger Troy Baker
Ganke Lee Griffin Puatu
Danika Hart Ashly Burch
Phin Mason / Tinkerer Jasmin Savoy Brown
Aaron Davis / Prowler Ike Amadi
Rick Mason Todd Williams
Jefferson Davis Russell Richardson