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The Maggia is a criminal syndicate of mafia families appearing in The City That Never Sleeps downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man, who compete with each other for supremacy.

The de facto leader of the Maggia is Don Vincente Fortunato. The other heads of families are Don Caesar Cicero, Don Mauchio, Don Frank Costa, and Hammerhead.


Early history

The Maggia Empire originated in southern Europe (mostly Italy), which expended throughout Europe and the Americas. Unlike other prominent criminal organizations (e.g. Hydra and AIM), the Maggia were not involved with any subversive activities. In the United States they eventually ended up controlling most of the nation's loan-sharking, illegal gambling, and narcotics. Protection rackets and prostitution were also very important to the Maggia.

The Maggia were not a monolithic organization, instead it has consisted of many "families", all of which are independent of each other. They usually didn't cooperate much less coordinate with each other, though they normally agreed not to interfere with each other. Within the Maggia, bloodlines were usually valued more than brains. In Europe, the most powerful Maggia leaders were members of the "Commission". Internationally, a few Maggia chieftains have risen to dominance over the other Maggia families. Count Nefaria was for a time the leader of the European Maggia, and perhaps of all the Maggia. The Afro-Caribbean Bushmaster later became the head of the European Maggia. The American Maggia has not yet had anyone unite the families in the Western Hemisphere.

A few Maggia families have recruited or hired superhuman agents, usually the Nefaria family. Within the New York area were several Maggia families, the most prominent ones being the Manfredi and Hammerhead families. The Maggia has partnered or allied with other criminal groups, such as that of Boss Morgan in Harlem. The Maggia or individual families within it have also gone to war with various criminal organizations, including both rival crime syndicates (e.g. Kingpin's organization and Mister Negative's Inner Demons) and subversive organizations (e.g. Hydra and A.I.M.

At some point, Maggia became interested in the skills of the Black Cat burglar - Walter Hardy. They offered him to work for them, but he refused. In response, the Dons threatened to kill him and his daughter, Felicia. Walter deliberately surrendered to the police and faked his death (allegedly he drowned while trying to escape from prison) thereby removing the threat from his daughter.

Marvel's Spider-Man

The City That Never Sleeps

The Heist

After Kingpin's downfall and Demon's defeat appeared a power vacuum that each of the Maggia families want to claim. The police had raided one of the families recently and among the items recovered, was a lost masterpiece painting called "The Maria". The painting is currently on display at an art museum. Frederico Frezelli, Sal Patrillo and some other members of Hammerhead family attempts to steal painting, but Spider-Man stops them. While they fight, the Black Cat breaks the painting, takes the data drive hidden in it and leaves. Spider-Man assumes that she is working with Hammerhead. This event drives the Maggia families into panic and unleashes a gang war. Shortly after that, Black Cat stoles data drive from Cicero and Macchio families (which were hidden in little statue and rare book). While she is doing that, Cicero and Macchio families are starting to think that Spider-Man alliances with Hammerhead in order to take down other Dons.


The Maggia thrives on supplying illegal goods and services for which a large number of people are willing to pay. For example, in 1999 an estimated fifteen million Americans used illegal drugs, 75 percent of whom used marijuana.

The goal of organized the Maggia is to make money; members also gain a sense of pride, power, and protection. Groups have what is called a pyramid power structure like legal businesses.

In legitimate businesses, there is a boss called the chief executive officer (CEO), under the CEO are vice presidents, treasurers, advisors, accountants, lawyers, technical staff, and so on. The Maggias have a boss, advisors who work closely with the boss and assign tasks to different crews, captains who run the different crews, soldiers who carry out the physical work and act out tasks from collecting money to killing people, and men with special skills.

Members are extremely loyal and committed; they go through initiation rituals, take oaths, and swear to secrecy.Punishment for members who stray might be demotion to a lower rank or, depending on their offense, death.


The Maggia controls most of the illegal gambling, loan-sharking, and narcotics trade in the United States, as well as many legal gambling casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada. It also has great influence within various labor unions, and controls politicians on every level of government. They even operate on Harlem, Chinatown, Midtown, Brooklyn and Manhattan.


The Maggia uses Assault rifles, Pistols, Machine guns, Crowbars, Clubs, Batons, Lead pipes and Sniper rifles.

A unique Cicero thug in Like Old Times is using a minigun.


The Slivermane Crime Family

Its leader is Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi, one of the last of the legendary gangsters who came to notoriety during the 1920s and 1930s. This group conducts its activities along traditional Maggia lines, and is heavily involved with the narcotics trade. Silvermane uses unusual scientific means only for the personal goal of staving off his own death, and not for the family's activities. Although Silvermane has a son, Joseph, also known as Blackwing, his successor as family head will probably be his longtime rival, top Maggia lawyer Caesar "Big C" Cicero. Silvermane initially retained control of his organization after being turned into a cyborg, but most recently his failing health, in both human and cyborg bodies, have left him a figurehead leader at best.

The following characters have been members of the Maggia's Silvermane family:

Blackie - Rank unknown. First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #75.

Caesar Cicero - The Silvermane Family's lawyer. First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #73.

Man Mountain Marko - Silvermane's top lieutenant. First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #73.

Rapier - A one-time friend and partner of Silvermane named Dominic Tyrone, who sought revenge after being betrayed. Rapier used an electro-stun rapier as his main weapon. First appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2. Killed by Scourge of the Underworld.

The Hammerhead Crime Family

Dominated by middle-aged Maggia traditionalists, this family first became notorious under unusual circumstances. Perhaps in imitation of the Nefaria family, its leader, known as the "Top Man", outfitted his family hit men with costumes and advanced weaponry. He then gained ownership of the Baxter Building through questionable means, thinking that doing so would somehow give him legal title to the technology of the building's famed occupants, the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four defeated and captured the "Top Man", his claims to owning the Baxter Building were dismissed by the courts, and the "Top Man" was reportedly assassinated by order of his own family. The family then sought a new leader who would direct operations along thoroughly traditional lines and chose a newcomer known only as Hammerhead, an amnesia victim whose new ruthless persona had been shaped by his love for gangster films. Hammerhead uses methods from the Prohibition era, including gang wars, although he will use advanced technology for personal ends, such as the exoskeleton that magnifies his strength. In light of Hammerhead's recent loyalty shift to Mister Negative, the status of his Maggia family remains undetermined. They very normally ally with Tombstone and The Chameleon

The following characters have been members of the Maggia's Hammerhead family:

Top Man - Former leader of the Hammerhead family. First appeared in Fantastic Four #101 (Aug 1970). Assassinated by an unknown member of his Maggia group.

Hammerhead - Second leader of the Hammerhead family. First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #113 (Oct. 1972).

Big Rock - Rank unknown. First appeared in Fantastic Four #101 (Aug. 1970).

Blackwing (Joseph Manfredi) - Rank unknown. First appeared in Daredevil #118 (Feb. 1975).

Eel (Edward Lavell) - One-time employee and representative of the Maggia's Gulf Coast operations. First appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #92 (April 1983).

Gimlet - The Top Man's lieutenant who aspired to become the next Top Man. First appeared in Fantastic Four #101 (Aug. 1970).

The Nefaria Crime Family

This group bears little resemblance to the rest of the Maggia. The Italian nobleman, Count Luchino Nefaria, a scientific genius, was the world's most powerful Maggia leader until his initial defeat by the Avengers. Afterwards he moved his base of operations to the New York City area, and then imprisoned Washington, D.C. within an impenetrable force-dome and held it for ransom. After his defeat and capture, his daughter Giulietta, also known as Whitney Frost, succeeded him as family head and led an unsuccessful attempt to capture the advanced weaponry of Tony Stark. She was eventually succeeded by a costumed criminal, the Masked Marauder, who demanded complete control of New York City or else he would detonate a nuclear device there. After his capture, the family again apparently came under control of Whitney Frost, by then known as Madame Masque. Contrary to standard Maggia practice, the Nefaria family, principally consisting of men under 40, has employed futuristic weaponry and even robots (like the Dreadnoughts), as well as costumed super-powered agents (Unicorn, Whiplash, Gladiator, etc.), and has launched open attacks on society. Its leader is always known as "Big M". With both Count Nefaria and Madame Masque now pursuing separate agendas, it is not known who, if anyone, currently heads the Nefaria Family.

The following characters have been members of the Maggia's Nefaria family:

Count Nefaria - Founder of the Nefaria family. First appeared in Avengers #13 (Feb. 1965)

Cyclone (André Gerard) - First appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #143 (April 1975). Killed by Scourge of the Underworld.

Eel (Leopold Stryke) - Former agent. First appeared in Strange Tales #112 (Sept. 1963). Killed by Gladiator.

Whitney Frost - Head of the Nefaria family. First appeared in Tales of Suspense #97 (Jan. 1968).

Gladiator - Former member. First appeared in Daredevil #18 (July 1966).

Daniel Lindy - First appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man #22 (Sept 1978).

Masked Marauder (Frank Farnum) - Former leader of the Nefaria family. First appeared in Daredevil #16 (May 1966).

Plantman - Former agent. First appeared in Strange Tales #113 (Oct 1963).

Porcupine (Alexander Gentry) - Former agent. First appeared in Tales to Astonish #48 (Oct. 1963). Died in battle against Diamondback.

Scarecrow - Former agent. First appeared in Tales of Suspense #51 (March 1964).

Tri-Man - An android created by the Masked Marauder that copies the abilities of three low-level crooks. First appeared in Daredevil #22.

Unicorn (Milos Masaryk) - Former agent. First appeared in Tales of Suspense #56 (Aug. 1964).

Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti) - Former enforcer. First appeared in Tales of Suspense #97 (Jan. 1968).

The Costa Crime Family

The Costa Family is associated with the Maggia and was responsible for the death of Frank Castle's family, which led to Castle becoming the Punisher. At one point, they used William "Billy the Beaut" Russo (a.k.a. Jigsaw) as an enforcer and hitman.

The following members are seen in the Costa Family:

Luis Allegre - Member of the Costa Family. First appeared in Marvel Super Action #1. Killed by the Punisher.

Bruno Costa - Enforcer of the Costa Family and brother of Frank Costa. First appeared in Marvel Preview #2. Killed by Frank Costa's assassin Audrey.

Byron Hannigan - Member of the Costa Family. First appeared in Marvel Super Action #1. Killed by the Punisher.

Leon Kolsky - Member of the Costa Family. First appeared in Marvel Super Action #1. He was killed when the Punisher tricked him into firing on an aquarium tank that contained a shark.

Matt Skinner - Member of the Costa Family. First appeared in Marvel Super Action #1. Killed by the Punisher.

The Nobili Crime Family

The Nobili Family is a struggling Maggia family. It turns out that some of the members of the Nobili Family are descendants of some Inhumans.

The following members are seen in the Nobili Family.

Gordon "Gordo" Nobili - The patriarch of the Nobili family. First appeared in Thunderbolts (vol. 2) #14.

Carmen Nobili - The son of Gordon Nobili. First appeared in Thunderbolts (vol. 2) #14. Killed during the fight against the Paguro Family, even when the Thunderbolts interfered.

Joseph Nobili - The son of Gordon Nobili. First appeared in Thunderbolts (vol. 2) #14. Killed during the fight against the Paguro Family, even when the Thunderbolts interfered.

The Fortunato Crime Family

The Fortunato Family are strong opposers of Wilson Fisk who came in conflict with Spider-Man.

The following members are seen in the Fortunato Family.

Don Fortunato - The patriarch of the Fortunato family. First appeared in Spider-Man #70.

Jimmy-6 (Giacomo Fortunato) - The son of Don Fortunato and his top enforcer. First appeared in Spider-Man #70.

Angelo Fortunato - The youngest son of Don Fortunato, who briefly became the host for Venom. First appeared in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #7. Killed when he fled from a battle with Spider-Man and was abandoned by the Venom symbiote.

Other Members

The following members do not fall under the category of the other five Maggia families:

Bobby Peculo - First appeared in Punisher: No Escape #1. Killed by the Punisher.

Bushmaster (John McIver) - First appeared in Iron Fist #15. He was killed when the process that gave Luke Cage his powers proved to be too much for him.

Cyclone (Pierre Fresson) - He served as a speaker for the European branches of the Maggia. First appeared in Thunderbolts #3.

Eli Rumsford - Enforcer. First appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man #54 (May 1981)

Gideon Mace - First appeared in Heroes for Hire #3.

Goldbug - One-time employee. First appeared in Power Man #41.

Grim Reaper - First appeared in Avengers #52.

Guido Carboni - Crime Boss. First appeared in Marvel Spotlight #20 where he was depicted as a big time crime boss who held operations all across New York. One night, a cat burglar named Monty Walsh attempted to rob him, but Guido and his men shot and killed him as he was trying to escape. Unbeknownst to Guido and his men, Monty was saved by the Uni-Power and became Captain Universe. Guido found his operations falling apart due to Monty's use of the power. Guido was finally confronted by Monty, who planned to kill him and then use the power for his own selfish needs; unfortunately for Monty, the Uni-Power left him because of this and Guido was arrested by the police, raving about how a dead body had superpowers.

Harry Dumont - First appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man #54 (May 1981)

Mind-Master - Ruffio Costa is a crime lord who once kidnapped Robert Mallory's son Keith. First appeared in Daredevil Annual #4.

Mysterio (Quentin Beck) - First appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #13.

Nautilus - An enforcer from Chicago. First appeared in Spider-Man Unlimited #6.

Photon (Jason Dean) - First appeared in a crossover story in Nova #12 and Amazing Spider-Man #171. He was responsible for murdering Nova's uncle Ralph Rider.

Razorwind - An enforcer from Chicago. First appeared in Spider-Man Unlimited #6.

Shigeru Ichihara - A Maggia member who handled all Maggia activities on the Pacific Rim. First appeared in Avengers (vol. 3) #31.

Simon Marshall - A Maggia chemist. First appeared in Cloak and Dagger #1

Smuggler - First appeared in Avengers #21 (Oct. 1965)

T.B. Smithson - A Maggia member who controls all Maggia activities in Texas. First appeared in Avengers (vol. 3) #31.

Tapping Tommy - First appeared in Defenders #30.

Trapster (Peter Petruski) - First appeared in Fantastic Four #38. He was a member of the Maggia in Thing #4.

Vic Slaughter - Assassin. First appeared in Morbius the Living Vampire #6.

Vincent Mangaro - A crime boss who set up a drug-dealing operation in New York. First appeared in Punisher: No Escape #1. Killed by the Punisher.


The Polestar Crime Mafia Empire Family is a criminal organization that has 82 crime families who are owned by Polestar the 82 Polestar crime families are:

Bertfurt Crime Family

Nimlard Crime Family

Keskus Crime Family

Redmund Crime Family

Wallick Crime Family

Midford Crime Family

Bridgestone Crime Family

Neville Crime Family

Costfield Crime Family

Ristrol Crime Family

Hazelborn Crime Family

Wilstrim Crime Family

Morgenstern Crime Family

Nepelharz Crime Family

Arden Crime Family

Kauppa Crime Family

Impor Crime Family

Kolechia Crime Family

Arstotzka Crime Family

Obristan Crime Family

Republia Crime Family

Marmero Crime Family

Gloritus Crime Family

Paradizna Crime Family

Grouseville Crime Family

Orvech Crime Family

Vonor Crime Family

Enkyo Crime Family

Haihan Crime Family

Tsunkeido Crime Family

Yurko Crime Family

Vedor Crime Family

Skalnideo Crime Family

Lorndaz Crime Family

Mergerous Crime Family

Lesrenadi Crime Family

Boistan Crime Family

Rapide Crime Family

Sandstein Crime Family

Elide Crime Family

Skammen Crime Family

Ingmund Crime Family

Midgar Crime Family

Critonbeame Crime Family

Vanposte Crime Family

Shingleton Crime Family

Korista Crime Family

Bernville Crime Family

Ripton Crime Family

Freeburg Crime Family

Sharpwood Crime Family

Herkelton Crime Family

Gerinsburg Crime Family

Nirking Crime Family

Dintan Crime Family

Aragaz Crime Family

Modeline Crime Family

Stratford Crime Family

Domerille Crime Family

Kalringrad Crime Family

Veyshnoria Crime Family

Vescillo Crime Family

Burnton Crime Family

Octovalis Crime Family

Gennistora Crime Family

Lendiforma Crime Family

Fardesto Crime Family

Wozenfield Crime Family

Nirskatlan Crime Family

Metropole Crime Family

Columbo Crime Family

Negombo Crime Family

Barracuda Crime Family

Juggernaut Crime Family

Benovese Crime Family

Lucchese Crime Family

Giacchino Crime Family

Cagliostro Crime Family

Angelone Crime Family

Gnucci Crime Family

Pazzo Crime Family

Roman Crime Family

Original appearance

The Maggia first appeared in Avengers #13 (February 1965).