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Long Lost Loot is the third main mission in "The Heist" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man. NYPD's Detective Mackey contacts Spider-Man to ask for his assistance in tracking down paintings stolen by Walter Hardy, the original Black Cat.


NYPD's Detective Mackey contacts Spider-Man to come in Greenwich's PD. There he tells him that 20 years before Felicia Hardy there was "another black cat" who recently died in prison. Some of the items he stole were never found, but there is a new lead that may help find them, but Department do not want to deal with an old case. So, Spider-Man agrees to help and goes to Midtown. While Peter swings to the place, Mackey tells him that Black Cat can be using special isotope americium-241 to locate his hideouts after prison and that this case is very important to him since he is going to retire soon and want to solve him as soon as possible. With that information Peter configures he's detector to search for traces of isotope and finds false power supply on the roof of Chrysler Building. Use L1 + L1. There he finds painting called "Freedom". Mackey thanks Spider-Man and tells that he will send somebody to collect them and that the first Black Cat name was Walter Hardy and gives him locations of other stolen paintings. Peter highlight that this seems to be a Hardy family trait.