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Landmarking is the seventh main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. In an effort to further calibrate his mapping software, Spider-Man thinks it is a good idea to photograph landmarks in the city. This mission introduces players to landmarks and Landmark Tokens.


From where the mission begins, the first objective is to take a snapshot of the Empire State Building, which can be done without moving from the starting position.

To take a photograph, get close to the marked landmark location and press Up to activate the camera. While facing the landmark, use L2 to zoom in the camera, and move the camera until the lens in the field-of-view turns green, then use L1 to capture the image.

After taking it, Spider-Man receives a Landmark Token, and the other landmarks will appear on the map. The mission is then complete, leading to the next mission, "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow". It is worthwhile capturing other landmarks while descrambling surveillance towers in order to pick up more tokens, as they are used for purchasing upgrades to equipment.