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La Nochebuena is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After a long day, Miles Morales finally heads home to have Christmas dinner with his mother Rio and best friend Ganke Lee.


After the previous mission, Miles changes into his normal clothes on the roof before heading inside through his bedroom window. He prepares the apartment before dinner, he turns on Christmas lights and plays music to lighten the atmosphere. The doorbell rings and Miles is surprised to see his old best friend, Phin. During her introduction the power goes out, Miles initially checks the circuit breaker, after finding out that was no use he carefully crawls outside through his bedroom window, he uses his Venom Power to activate the transformer outside. Carefully, Miles crawls back in thanks to Ganke quickly thinking of a distraction to hide his identity from Phin and his mother.

During dinner, Rio asks Phin if her brother, Rick Mason, still works for Roxxon. Noticeably, she was momentarily saddened, but quickly responds with a compliment towards Rio's campaign rally. After dinner, Phin and Miles wash up then notices that Phin seems distracted, however Phin decides not to talk about it during Christmas. Since they haven't seen each other for so long he asks her if she wants to have a "friend date" the next day, she accepts.

The next day Ganke wakes Miles to tell him about the FNSM app that he created which allows citizens of New York to report crimes or request help directly form Spider-Man.


Once the player arrives home, head through the apartment and set the mood by turning on the Christmas lights, afterwards go to Rio Morales' room to find a vinyl disc to play. After that, he sees Phin and lets her in for dinner. The power goes out and Miles volunteers to go turn it back on. However, there are thugs on the building and Miles proceeds to go to the generator and doesn't engage in battle. After he resets the power, head back inside and get ready for dinner.