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Keeping the Peace is the fourth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man, taking place in Chinatown. Yuriko Watanabe calls Spider-Man to request his presence atop the rooftop of the Police Department. Once there, she requests his help with repairing the surveillance towers throughout New York City.


Spider-Man and Yuri Watanabe

Yuri calls Spider-Man shortly after he leaves Dr. Otto Octavius' lab, requesting to meet him at the Police Department rooftop. While swinging there, Spider-Man listens to a podcast by J. Jonah Jameson, in which Jameson berates a plumber who calls in defending Spider-Man and praising him for defeating Wilson Fisk, by retorting that Spider-Man defeating a mob boss will just lead to three taking Fisks' place.

Upon arriving at the rooftop, Yuri informs Spider-Man that the surveillance towers need repairing. Spider-Man agrees to repair the towers, beginning with those around Chinatown. While doing so, he jokingly takes on the moniker of "Spider-Cop" and narrates himself in a gravelly voice, much to Yuri's annoyance.

Spider-Man saves Gloria and recommends her to go to F.E.A.S.T.

After descrambling the first tower's transmissions, Spider-Man finds and prevents a break-in. The second tower reveals a hostage named Gloria, who Spider-Man rescues from a group of thugs. The third reveals one of Spider-Man's backpacks from high school that he had left webbed up around the city, with a tracking dot inside. After retrieving it, he prevents a robbery elsewhere in the city, and calls Yuri to inform her that his "Spider-Cop" moniker is retired, to which she expresses relief and then hangs up.


Fixing the surveillance tower.

After reaching Yuri, interact with the first tower to repair it. When repairing the towers, players have to utilize both joysticks to match the incoming frequency. The right joystick (Right analog stick) controls the height of the wavelength, while the left joystick (Left analog stick) controls the width. It is often easier to adjust the height first. Once the frequency matches, hold position until it "locks" into place.

The first tower activation will show a break-in crime which must be prevented by defeating a group of thugs. After preventing the break-in, a Crime Token is earned, and the next tower activation will show an assault in progress. Once again, prevent this by defeating the group of thugs, and save the hostage, Gloria, in time. Most of the thugs are relatively simple aside from the larger brute thugs, which can take tremendous damage and are resistant to attacks unless webbed up or hit with throwable objects. Defeat the smaller thugs first while dodging attacks, and then focus on the brute last. After this, successfully disarm the thug holding Gloria at gunpoint by following the instructions on-screen.

Spider-Man saving Gloria from thugs.

Head to the third tower and zip up to it. After descrambling it, it will show an RFID signal showing one of Peter's backpacks from high school, marked by a green waypoint, webbed to a wall on the roof of the building. The backpack has a tracking dot inside, which shows backpacks all over the city. A robbery is also shown in which, once again, Spider-Man has to intervene. The thugs in the shop itself are best defeated by wall-jumping or throwing objects inside, and after this, more arrive in a car.

Spider-Man finding his old backpacks.

After defeating the group with the same tactics, descramble the final Chinatown tower. This leads directly into the next mission, "Something Old, Something New". Before beginning the next mission, more surveillance towers can be descrambled to detect collectibles, additional missions, and tasks. Meanwhile, backpacks can be obtained to unlock later upgrades.