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Keeping the Peace is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. This mission tasks players with repairing a series of surveillance towers throughout the city, while also introducing them to how to utilize those towers to detect collectibles, additional missions, and tasks. This mission first starts with Spider-Man talking to Yuri Watanabe at the rooftop of the Police Department.

When repairing the towers, players have to utilize both joysticks to match the incoming frequency. The right joystick (Right analog stick) controls the height of the wavelength, while the left joystick (Left analog stick) controls the width. It is often easier to adjust the height first. Once the frequency matches, players should hold position until it "locks" into place. The first tower activation will show a break-in crime which players have to prevent. The next tower activation will show an assault in progress, which players must prevent too, and save the hostage in time. The third tower will show an RFID signal showing one of Peter's backpacks from high school webbed to a wall with a tracking dot attached to it. This then shows backpacks all over the city. A robbery is also shown in which, once again, players have to intervene.

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