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A superhero? Or... maybe I'm just a guy who doesn't give up. —Jefferson Davis, And the Award Goes to...

Jefferson "Jeff" Davis is a supporting character in Marvel's Spider-Man. He is the father of Miles Morales, the husband of Rio Morales, the brother of Aaron Davis, and a member of the New York Police Department. Officer Davis is voiced by Russell Richardson.[2]


Early history

Davis was born in New York City around the year 1974.[1] Not much of his past is known besides that he had a brother named Aaron. He began working for the NYPD around 2001, and had a son named Miles with his wife Rio Morales around 2003. According to Yuri Watanabe, Officer Davis had been investigating Wilson Fisk's activities for years.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Officer Davis is called to the scene of a shipyard owned by Fisk in order to assist Spider-Man in his investigation. Together, the two unlock the secrets hidden inside, coming up against the Inner Demons who are attempting to steal equipment. Davis helps in their eventual apprehension, but is injured in the process.

Due to his heroism, Mayor Norman Osborn presents him with a medal at City Hall. His wife Rio and son Miles are present. The Inner Demons, led by Mister Negative, arrive, with a number of them carrying explosives. When the Deputy Mayor is revealed to be one of them and tries to detonate his bomb in the crowd, Davis tackles him and shields other officers on guard using his body, sacrificing his life to protect the crowd.

Miles Morales

Due to his death, Jefferson doesn't appear in the game. However, despite his death, he was mentioned by Peter Parker, his wife, his brother, and his son. He also indirectly appears in a flashback, calling on Miles' phone about Phin Mason and Miles' project at the Oscorp Science Center.

In post-game, Rio Morales surprises her son Miles on his birthday with a scavenger hunt written on a New York postcard with USB stick attached to it. When Miles plays the USB on his Spider-Man suit, the voice of Jefferson is heard introducing him to the scavenger hunt game, which is traditionally done by Miles' parents on each of their birthdays.

Miles would search for the various landmarks that are stated on the postcards hidden throughout NYC. Jeff would reminisce happy times he had with his family and Phin. From his favorite lobster restaurant, taking the kids to an art museum, etc. Miles would then contact his mother and reminsce memories they had with Jeff and she reminded him that he is always there in their hearts.


Peter felt regret not saving him, knowing that the policeman saved his life when he was Spider-Man. Wanting to make up for it, Peter asked his aunt, May to let Miles work at F.E.A.S.T. when Rio Morales asked Peter to.

He was avenged when Spider-Man (Peter Parker) defeated Mister Negative the second time when the latter tried to kill Norman Osborn. Martin Li was later betrayed by Doctor Octopus for the failure, and his whereabout is unknown. Until one year following the rise of Underground led by Tinkerer, after Rick Mason's death, the high-tech criminal group indirectly avenges Jeff's death into causing the Inner Demons permanently disbanded and arrested Martin off-screen.

His Family moved back to their old home, Harlem.

After Miles got bitten by a genetically altered spider (unknowingly brought by Mary Jane from infiltration at Osborn family's penthouse), followed by May's death, Peter, while at first not wanting to do it as he didn't want him to follow his footsteps, decides to train him, as long as Miles doesn't dunk in basketball at school again to avoid his current status as a super-powered being exposed to the public. After being trained by Peter Parker, Miles Morales continues honoring his father's death while fighting crime as the new Spider-Man.

For his wife, Rio Morales, she started to run for councilwoman. Later, when she finds out that her own son was Spider-Man, instead of being disappointed (though she would have a good reason to be), she supported her son's choice. She also revealed to Miles that he's just like her husband every day.

As for his brother, Aaron Davis, known as the Prowler, despite the hatred they had in the past, when Jeff was alive, he still cared and loved his brother, and Aaron never wanted him dead. This was the reason why Prowler tried to stop Spider-Man (Miles Morales) from risking his life, not wanting to lose him, just like he lost his brother. Until being inspired by his own nephew, Aaron finally did the right thing which Jeff would be proud of, by providing the evidence he obtained from his time hired by Roxxon to the authorities while turning himself in after Phin Mason's death, and eventually got a reduced sentence in prison for his testimony against the company to ensure Simon Krieger's arrest.


Officer Davis is a middle-aged African-American man with a bald head and slim physique. He is always seen wearing his police uniform. Davis is shown to be a selfless and good-natured individual who in many ways embodies the ideal cop.

Davis is a skilled fighter with extensive firearm training, shown by how he is able to hold his own against the Inner Demons using his combat prowess.

Original appearance

In the comics, Jefferson Davis first appeared in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol. 2 #1 (November 2011).