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John ''J.'' Jonah Jameson is a recurring character in the Marvel's Spider-Man series. A former newspaper publisher at the Daily Bugle, he hosts the radio show Just the Facts in New York City, on which he notoriously slanders both Spider-Man and his sidekick Miles Morales.


Early history

Jameson spent much of his career building the Daily Bugle into what it is today: the premiere New York City newspaper. His fearlessness for compelling journalism earned him multiple top national accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize award, and a prestigious book deal. After decades of leadership as the Daily Bugle's publisher, he turned his attention to podcasts, vowing to continue delivering his trademarked brand of gutsy news to the citizens of New York.[1]

He has a son named John Jameson, who found work as an astronaut, and occasionally listens to his father's podcasts from space. Unlike Jameson, John does not find anything wrong with Spider-Man, and is even a bit happy upon discovering his father finally praising Spider-Man, as shown in social media.

It is known that he bankrolled the experiment that created the Scorpion (Mac Gargan) in order to create an anti-Spider-Man, though he has gone on record as stating that he had no idea Gargan was insane. After his arrest, Scorpion repeatedly sued Jameson for funding the experiment in the first place.

Marvel's Spider-Man

The logo of Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson

Since leaving the Bugle, Jameson began his own podcast called Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson, and could constantly be heard over the radio providing his commentary to recently completed missions and side missions. Here he took the role of a conspiracy theorist, airing his own uncensored, unsubstantiated, personal views on what he feels is wrong with the city. His statements are often open attacks on Spider-Man, such as blaming him for the chaotic fallout from Kingpin's arrest, or clear publicity attempts. Jameson employed an assistant called Jared; though he is never seen or heard, Jameson frequently yells at Jared during his podcasts, either belittling him for his supposedly poor work or scolding him for correcting one of his mistakes while on the air.

Jameson's podcasts continued during the Hammerhead crisis in The City That Never Sleeps. A number of his podcasts indicated that Jameson was now struggling financially, as he was unable to afford an ambulance ride after almost suffering a heart attack out of horror and anger upon learning Spider-Man took someone under his wing.

Miles Morales

During "Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters", Jameson was seen inside the mall on the set for his podcast. Dressed up as Santa Claus, he tried to come up with a creative way to call Spider-Man a menace and denied a new Spider-Man existed, until Rhino bursts through the set with the two Spider-Men zipping through. This makes Jameson able to make up his sentence, calling Spider-Man a "feckless, treacherous, unhinged menace", while also trying to tell Jared about what happened.

After the original Spider-Man briefly left New York, Jameson continued his podcasts, now making the second Spider-Man his new target for his slander, and defending Roxxon frequently. At one point, he debated Danika Hart, host of The Danikast, though he abruptly left partway through after Danika brought some good points against him. After the events of the game, Jameson interviewed Rio Morales (who, unknown to him, was the mother of the second Spider-Man) to congratulate her on her run, though he ended the podcast abruptly when she told him that Spider-Man was not an enemy.

During the credits, Jameson decides to use the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app in order to make the second Spider-Man get him some Greek food. Spider-Man does so, even setting it ablaze as instructed, and although Jameson initially panics (claiming Spider-Man is "killing" him and Jared with fire), he calms down and tries to eat it.


While not physically in the game, part of Jameson's upper body can be seen when his radio show comes on, as well as on billboards around the city including mocking graffiti art of him as a baby. He appears to have a gray-and-white flattop haircut with a dark gray mustache.

Jameson is a short-tempered, self-righteous conspiracy theorist whose opinion of Spider-Man is extremely low, constantly lambasting him at any opportunity and often coming up with outlandish theories to try and discredit the hero. He stubbornly believes that Spider-Man is nothing more than an attention-seeker who is more harmful than helpful for New York. He comes off as very close-minded and biased, frequently ignoring any information that goes against his views, and deeming any supporter of Spider-Man a "lost cause". He believes that the superhero should either reveal his true identity and join the police force, (not caring if this compromised the hero’s identity, due to his belief that Spider-Man has no loved ones) or just let them "do their job". He also sees the worst of Spider-Man’s personality, believing the wall-crawler to be selfish, criminally negligent, and deranged, completely unaware of Spider-Man’s entire reason for being a superhero and all of the trauma the wall-crawler goes through as the story progresses. After Spider-Man prevents the outbreak of Devil's Breath, Jameson believes that his criticisms drove Spider-Man to become a better hero, and despite praising him for doing the right thing, he angrily states he will not stop his slander. It was in fact this hatred that led to Peter Parker (who Jameson did not know was Spider-Man) to leave the Daily Bugle out of annoyance.[citation needed] Jameson has a similar opinion on Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man, to the point of criticizing Danika Hart, host of The Danikast, for defending him and calling Miles a literal "crime against nature" and that he should never have worn the mantle.

The Spider-Men have repeatedly shown their disdain for Jameson's rants when the player first listens to his podcasts. The original Spider-Man stated that he would someday make Jameson say something "nice" about him, and even sarcastically called him his "number one fan". The second Spider-Man on the other hand, calls the other a "masochist" after learning Peter had automatically subscribed him to Just the Facts.

Original appearance

J. Jonah Jameson was introduced in the first issue of the Amazing Spider-Man series (March 1963).


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