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Isaac Delaney is a minor character in Marvel's Spider-Man. He is a college professor who is targeted by Mister Negative for his knowledge of Project GR-27.


The head of the Genetics, Biotechnology, and Analytical Chemistry departments at Empire State University,[1] Delaney was commissioned by Oscorp at some point to perform a peer review on Project GR-27.

Upon finding his connection to the GR-27 project during the events of the game, Mister Negative begins searching for Delaney in order to learn the name of the project's lead scientist. At the same time, Spider-Man is attempting to find him. Delaney attends a college party dressed as The Lizard and is taken by the Inner Demons before Spider-Man can get to him.

Under the effects of Mister Negative's corruption, he reveals that the man he was working with is Dr. Morgan Michaels. After he serves his purpose, Mister Negative has him commit suicide.


Dr. Delaney is portrayed as a late middle-aged man of Caucasian origin, with receding gray hair and a thick mustache. He appears to be a kind, well-meaning man.