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Home Sweet Home is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. After a hard day as Spider-Man, Peter Parker returns to his apartment, only to find that he has been evicted and his belongings removed. He has no choice but to call sanitation to figure out where the dump truck is so he can recover his possessions. The mission consists of Spider-Man swinging through the city and checking out various locations, the first of which is the sanitation department (via air ducts), the final location being the incinerator.

When he arrives, thugs are already in the area, which players have to deal with. He rescues the worker, who then allows him to dig through the trash. It is not long before he recovers a USB drive, upon which is the schematics for the Web Bomb. After constructing the Bomb, a new fight enables players to use it for the first time.

Successful, Spider-Man then heads off to the apartment of Mary Jane Watson, hoping for a place to sleep. When an alert comes through showing that her story about Jefferson Davis just got published, he decides to go elsewhere, thinking she must be busy with work.

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