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Deploys a drone that uses a hard light hologram to fight by your side.

Holo-Drones is a great help when you are losing to a battle between large groups of enemies.

This gadget is featured in the game Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Once you fire a drone, they will instantly stand by your side and they will run over to the enemy to defeat. Although it is quite hard for it to defeat a boss like Rhino or the Tinkerer.

You earn it when you complete the mission: Harlem Trains Out of Service.


Upgrade Name Description Cost
Tough Drone Increases the damage done by a Holo-Drone. 8 Activity Tokens
Increased Capacity Increases the Holo-Drone ammo capacity by 1. 10 Activity Tokens
Battery Life Increases the amount of time that a Holo-Drone stays active. 12 Activity Tokens
Fatal Exception Holo-Drone explodes when it deactivates, knocking enemies back. New Game+