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Trophy data
Rhino Rodeo
Ride Rhino through the mall Bronze
Like a Rhino In A China Shop
Smash into 15 breakable objects while steering Rhino through the shopping mall Bronze

Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. About a year after the events of The City That Never Sleeps, Peter Parker is allowing Miles Morales to aid him during missions. Peter contacts Miles about a convoy leaving early, in which he nervously rushes to the scene. They both have to protect a Raft convoy in which escaped prisoners are being transported, along with Rhino in a large, portable containment unit.


After Miles arrives, he and Peter follow the convoy to be ready for any potential disruptions. Rhino begins to cause major issues by rumbling around in the container unit holding him, one of the wires tear leaving the helicopter insecure. Miles leaps onto the container unit and attempts to re-attach the wire using his webbing. Due to weight imbalanced, the wire breaks and Miles unnoticeably attaches a web to one of the helicopter propellers to remain airborne. Miles is slowly reeled in towards the propellers but Peter swiftly manages saves him. The Helicopter crashes and damaging the other Raft vehicles, thus prisoners along with Rhino are able to escape.

Peter takes care of Rhino and directs Miles to contain the escapees, while several prisoners are taken care of several others are able to escape. Rhino reigns havoc upon the streets of New York and Miles has no choice but to chase him while Peter rides Rhino on his back. Miles takes over for Peter then Rhino leaps into a mall, Miles has to carefully steer him away from civilians while Peter aids by swinging people out of the way that can potentially be harmed. Rhino leaps into J. Jonah Jameson's podcast set Christmas-themed podcast leaving him filled with rage. During all this chaos, Miles' mother calls him and requests for him hurry home after grabbing the grocery items.

Miles joins Peter on Rhino's back, Rhino then charges ahead into a gas tank, Miles is flung into a pipe while Peter is left in a dangerous situation as Rhino continues to cause large explosions and destruction. Escaped prisoners and policemen arrive to the are after the prisoners are contained, Miles is met with tired, broken Peter being thrown through a wall, he is temporarily left fazed. In a fit of rage, Miles, for the first time, charges up a bio-electric strike. Much to his surprise it briefly stuns Rhino. He continues using this new ability In a tiresome battle, Miles is rammed through a wall but briefly recovers and continues the fight. After one final charged strike Rhino is left unconscious. Roxxon and Simon Krieger arrive t the scene. Simon introduces himself to the heroes and congratulates them for their work. Miles and Peter leave the scene and let the police do their job.

After a long day Peter and Miles rest on top of a building, feasting on pizza. Miles is in a hurry to test his new-found abilities, but Peter informs him that he'll be absent for a few weeks due to working with Mary Jane Watson as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. Before leaving, Peter motivates Miles by making him promise to do everything in his power to protect New York City and gives him a present, causing Miles to accept that he will be New York's only Spider-Man for a few weeks.


After meeting at the mission point, the player controls Miles then has to take down multiple enemies and follow Rhino charging though the city. Once the player reaches the mall segment, they have to steer Rhino away from the objects or else they'll take damage.

After returning to outside the mall, the plyer once again has to follow Rhino. After taking care of the prison escapees, the boss fight begins. Use Venom-Punch to stun Rhino and continuously, punch him until he's defeated.