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Herman Schultz, also known as Shocker, is a minor antagonist in Marvel's Spider-Man. An old enemy of Spider-Man, Shocker is a career criminal who is armed with a battle suit that sends out shock waves. He is voiced by Dave B. Mitchell.[2]


Early history

Herman was born in New York City around the year 1976.[1] With his brilliant talents as an inventor, he became a successful burglar, developing a pair of gauntlets designed to release shock waves. Calling himself the Shocker, he went on to face Spider-Man several times as one of Spider-Man's first "super" adversaries. Shocker was finally arrested sometime later.

Marvel's Spider-Man

After being recently released on parole, Shocker is approached by Mister Negative's gang, the Inner Demons, and threatened into robbing banks for them. He is quickly found by Spider-Man while committing a robbery, and, despite his efforts to escape, is caught and brought back into custody. However, he is broken out of his cell not long afterward by a prison guard corrupted by the Demons. He then proceeds to rob a bank on East 31st but is defeated once more by Spider-Man, and it is only during the second altercation that he finds that Shocker is working for the Inner Demons and, by extension, Mister Negative. Following his defeat, Shocker is locked up in the Raft for good.

Miles Morales

Despite being in prison, he was mentioned by Spider-Man/Peter Parker.


Concept art

Shocker is shown to be quite afraid of Mister Negative; while being chased, he accidentally gives away that he is committing crimes at the behest of someone who scares him. When Spider-Man offers help, he claims to have witnessed Mister Negative's powers and tells Spider-Man to just let him rob the bank. Shocker also has a history with Spider-Man, having already fought him several times in the past. He dislikes the webslinger's talkative nature, stating "you talk too much".

A gifted autodidact, Shocker wears a full-body battle suit that is equipped with vibro-shock units of his own design to create high-pressure air blasts.

Mission appearances

. Shocking comeback

. Financial shock

Original appearance

In the comics, Shocker has appeared as one of the members of the Sinister Six. The character made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #46 (March 1967).