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Trophy: Pigeon Hunter
Catch all of Howard's Pigeons Bronze

Helping Howard is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It becomes available after completing "Couch Surfing" and leaving the shelter, and is located in Chinatown. A man named Howard, who has a caged pet pigeon named "Pidgy", notices the pigeon feels lonely, and asks Spider-Man for help finding Pidgy's missing cousins.


Beginning the mission unlocks several pigeon icons across the maps of each district around New York City. The mission can be accepted early on, allowing the player to find pigeons naturally while completing other tasks around the city.

Once Spider-Man is close to a pigeon location, the bird will take off and fly around the district, leaving a blue trail. Players will have to pursue the bird and try to get close enough to collect it. Grab the bird using L1 and L1. Each bird will reward the player with one Research Token and completing the mission will net the player 1000 XP.