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Trophy: Sting and Smash
Defeat Scorpion and Rhino Bronze

Heavy Hitter is the forty-first main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. With the information about Rhino provided to him, Spider-Man contacts Yuriko Watanabe and lets her know that Rhino is targeting relief centers throughout the city. She directs him to where Rhino likely is: Harlem.

The fight with Rhino involves a lot of dodging his charge ability, luring him under the hanging storage containers and other heavy objects to smash them on top of him. This presents an opportunity to strike. Each object requires multiple pulls, and they reset to their original height if they do not result in smashing atop Rhino. When Rhino is dealt with, Scorpion then joins in the battle.

Players will now have two enemies to contend with. While dodging Rhino's charge, they will also have to be mindful of Scorpion's ranged poison attack. Dealing with Rhino is the same as before, but with the added trouble of Scorpion leaping in and out of the battle and using his tail strike. Fighting him is almost useless at this stage, so players should focus on Rhino. The overhead objects seem to only take one pull this time around. Crates can also be pulled down from the side as the fight progresses.

Once Rhino is down, players can then take on Scorpion. He tends to jump around a bit, so backtracking his poison blast is a good way to find him. This part of the fight tends to go quickly, as webbing him up and hitting him does the trick. Once taken care of, Scorpion taunts Rhino a little too much, and Rhino charges him. Spider-Man takes advantage of the situation and seals them both inside a storage container with his webbing.