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Harry's Passion Project is the thirteenth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. The mission introduces players to Harry Osborn's research stations scattered throughout the city, a dream he carried out for his mother; accessing these rewards Research Tokens.


After Otto Octavius' lab is shut down by Norman Osborn, Peter Parker thinks to contact Harry for help, before dismissing the idea. He then remembers Harry had several research stations set up around the city, and decides to visit one.

After arriving, Peter views a message from Harry where he explains the research stations were a project led by his mother to help the public, and that Oscorp was going to close them if they did not prove value. Peter decided to put them to good use, believing they meant a lot to Harry.


Upon arriving at the waypoint and interacting with the station, more will be displayed around the map. Research Stations are a form of side missions that allow the player to earn Research Tokens, necessary for upgrades to suits and gadgets.

The research station shown by this mission is the side mission "Snapping up Smog". For this, the goal is to swing or fall through green clouds of gas to obtain smog samples, and then take a picture of faulty smoke stacks nearby.

Once it is complete, the next story mission, "Financial Shock", becomes available.