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Trophy: The Harlem Express
Get the trains running again Bronze

Harlem Trains Out of Service is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is Miles Morales' first use of the FNSM app where Aaron Davis, Miles' uncle, is the first to send out a request to Spider-Man.

Unlike every main missions, this mission can only be restarted via FNSM App instead of pausing at Map menu’s Mission catalog, similar to the side missions.


The mission begins by heading to the train stop where Davis is working, after Miles listens to the issue, he goes to Grand Central to investigate. While on his way there Davis adds that the Underground were lingering around his stop and that they've been around for awhile but now have a new boss named the Tinkerer.

Once he arrives, Miles has to follow cables, he discovers that the signals were being jammed. After disabling it he finds a crate nearby filled with Underground technology. He puts them to good use by creating the Holo-Drone gadget, a portable version of the same tech used for Spider-Training. With his suit, he's able to detect the signal to find more crates of tech throughout the city that he can put to good use.

Miles finds a Tech Part

More Underground members arrive, once they're taken care of Davis reports that although the signal is available that there are no trains on the tracks, so Miles swings to the train yard and takes down the Underground members that were melding with things. Once taken care of, Miles zips to the office and discovers the controls were destroyed. As a result, he has to get the train back on the tracks manually, he powers them by using his venom power then tethering a relay node to the generator.

Davis has a gift to give Spider-Man, however, before he can receive it he has to defeat the Underground members that were planting bombs on the train tracks, after defeating them Miles receives his gift, an unlimited subway pass with his name prescribed to him. To his surprise Davis knew all along that Miles was the new Spider-Man, Davis recognized the style of how Miles was fighting, Davis promises Miles that his secret is safe. Knowing this, Miles goes on patrol to help anyone in need.