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The Great Responsibility Suit is a suit players may equip in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is one of the few free suits in the game that is granted via mission progression, handed to players after completing Parting Gift.


After Miles Morales helped Peter Parker on defeating Rhino and capture the escaped inmates at Roxxon's factory, Peter reveal to have had been creating this suit for Miles as a Christmas Parting Gift, as he is planning to help Mary Jane Watson on covering the news of Symkaria outside New York, and entrust Miles to be New York's only Spider-Man.

During the Braithwaite Bridge catastrophe in the night where he unlocked his Camouflage power while being targeted by Roxxon, Miles had to fight an abundance of Underground members and save civilians trapped in life-threatening circumstances. These strenuous activities caused the suit that Peter provided him with to become damaged. It is later replaced by Classic Suit on the next day.


After donning the suit for the first time Miles is greeted with an animated Spider-Man via the HUD implemented in his visor. The suit is able to tag enemies, scan the environment and implements a communication system along with an ear piece allowing him to call people in his contacts or listen to podcasts.


The suit maintains the classic Spider-Man design, to reflect Miles' inexperience knee and shoulder pads are placed in their respective areas as a form of protection. Noticeably, the suit isn't as streamlined as Peter's suit and seems more of a quick thing Peter put together considering the suit doesn't have implemented red-black sneakers and instead Miles has to wear his own from his Sportswear suit.

Original appearance

The Great Responsibility Suit is based on the first Spider-Man suit Miles has ever worn in comic book history, first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4 (October 2011). After deciding to become the new Spider-Man in a week where Peter Parker untimely died during Sinister Six's attacks at Peter's neighborhood, Miles dons a Halloween costume bought by Ganke as his first crime-fighting outfit sometimes after Peter's funeral.