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Ganke Lee is a supporting character in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He is the best friend and trusted confidante of Miles Morales, helping design and develop his technology, and also providing remote technical support on missions.


Early history

Ganke was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. He is a student at Brooklyn Visions Academy where he studies software development. Ganke was the first person who Miles revealed his identity as Spider-Man to. In his free time, Ganke also worked on a mobile game titled Speed Nonagon.[1]

Miles Morales

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While Ganke's parents went to Hawai'i for Christmas, Ganke chose to remain in New York, staying with the Morales family.

Throughout the Roxxon-Underground War, Ganke acted as Miles's support, helping the new Spider-Man technically troubleshoot but also serving as his main confidant.


Concept art of Ganke Lee

Ganke is a Korean American who wears glasses. He is described by Miles as a "dependable ray of sunshine" for his optimism, and a "coder extraordinaire". Ganke shares Miles' goal of selflessly wishing to help the people of New York City. He is also unable to take a compliment, and Miles believes he does not know how to take credit for what he is doing.[1]

Original appearance

Ganke Lee first appeared in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol. 2 #2 (November 2011).


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