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Gadgets in Marvel's Spider-Man series are tools players may use as the Spider-Men in addition to their normal abilities. Some of these gadgets also augment Spider-Man's web abilities, known informally as "web gadgets". A few can be unlocked via story progression, and all can be upgraded using tokens.

Crafting upgrades for each gadget can be done through the in-game menu under the Gadgets tab. To use a gadget during combat, hold down L1 to bring up the gadget wheel.


Marvel's Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Trophy data
The Scientific Method
Craft your first Upgrade Bronze
Science FTW!
Craft 15 Upgrades Bronze
Full Arsenal
Max out all Gadgets Silver
Name Cost Requirement
Web Shooter None Default gadget
Impact Web None Mission: Fisk Hideout
Spider-Drone 1 Base Token
3 Research Tokens
Unlocked at level 8
Electric Web Stun Gun Mission: Wheels within Wheels
Web Bomb Web Bomb Blueprints Mission: Home Sweet Home
Trip Mine Laser Components Mission: Dual Purpose
Concussive Blast 2 Challenge Tokens
6 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 10
Suspension Matrix 2 Base Tokens
4 Challenge Tokens
Unlocked at level 25

Miles Morales

Name Cost Requirement
Web Shooter None Default gadget
Holo-Drone None Mission: Harlem Trains Out of Service
Remote Mine None Mission: Corporate Espionage
Gravity Well 10 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part
Unlocked at level 7