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Gadgets in Marvel's Spider-Man are tools players may use as Spider-Man in addition to their normal abilities. Some of these gadgets also augment Spider-Man's web abilities, known informally as "web gadgets". A few can be unlocked via story progression, and all can be upgraded using tokens.

Crafting upgrades for each gadget can be done through the in-game menu under the Gadgets tab. To use a gadget during combat, hold down L1 to bring up the gadget wheel.


Marvel's Spider-Man

Name Cost Requirement
Web Shooter None Default gadget
Impact Web None Mission: Fisk Hideout
Spider-Drone 1 Base Token
3 Research Tokens
Unlocked at level 8
Electric Web Stun Gun Mission: Wheels within Wheels
Web Bomb Web Bomb Blueprints Mission: Home Sweet Home
Trip Mine Laser Components Mission: Dual Purpose
Concussive Blast 2 Challenge Tokens
6 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 10
Suspension Matrix 2 Base Tokens
4 Challenge Tokens
Unlocked at level 25

Miles Morales

Name Cost Requirement
Web Shooter None Default gadget
Holo-Drone None Mission: Harlem Trains Out of Service
Remote Mine None Mission: Corporate Espionage
Gravity Well 10 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part
Unlocked at level 7