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The Future Foundation Suit is a suit players may equip in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is a free suit provided as part of the 1.14 update for the game. It does not possess an associated suit power.


The Future Foundation Suit utilizes a black and white color scheme. The black segments are on the outer sides of the body, split at regular intervals while the white scheme stretches from the feet to the torso and all around the arms. The face is nearly completely white save for the reflective eye lenses, which are detachable from the face mask. The black marking all covers the inside wrists and hands while the outside is pure white. There are also torso line marks at each rib cage section. The black coloring all stems from the spider insignia on the chest, spread throughout its eight legs.

Original appearance

The Future Foundation Suit first appeared in FF #1, in which Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation following the apparent death of the Human Torch.