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Complete all FNSA app requests Bronze

The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App, (a.k.a FNSM App) is an app made by Ganke Lee. Completing all of the app’s exclusive side missions will reward Miles with a thank you gift from its users and the Uptown Pride Suit.


Exclusive Side Missions


Even before the app was developed, crime fighting is already available after completing the Parting Gift mission. However, unlike the first game, crime fighting in this game can be selected anytime after completing Harlem Trains Out of Service.

Type Bonus Objective 1 Bonus Objective 2 XP Rewards
Street Shootout Use the Gravity Well gadget to pull in 8 enemies Use Venom attacks on 4 enemies 150 Up to x3 Activity Tokens resource icon.png
Raft Escapees Don't allow any vehicles to be stolen Venom attack 5 enemies
Supply Theft Perfect Dodge 5 times Achieve a 30x Combo
Chopper Malfunction Swing Kick 6 enemies Defeat 4 enemies while Camouflaged
Arms Deal Stealth Takedown 3 enemies Achieve a 10x Combo
Armed Robbery Web Throw 3 objects at enemies Web 3 enemies to a wall
Assault Web Throw 3 objects at enemies Achieve a 10x Combo
Stolen Vehicle Stop the car without taking damage Force the car to stop safely
Mugging Achieve a 10x Combo Air Launch 3 enemies
Break-in Air Launch 3 enemies Web Throw 3 enemies
Cyberattack Air Yank 5 enemies Stealth Takedown 3 enemies