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Frank Costa is a minor character featured in the Marvel's Spider-Man DLC, The City That Never Sleeps. He is one of the dons of the Maggia and comes into conflict with Hammerhead.


Frank Costa is the don of the Costa Family and is infamous for ordering a lot of hits in innocent families. Costa and the other dons go to war after Hammerhead conspires with Black Cat to steal their personal drives to access the entire Maggia's wealth. Hammerhead is betrayed by Black Cat but resumes this gang war by stealing Sable International technology. Costa and the other dons are kidnapped by Hammerhead to be executed by being buried in cement during a televised event. Spider-Man arrives at the scene and frees them. Costa and the dons are then taken away by the police.

Original appearance

Frank Costa first appeared in Marvel Super Action #1 (January 1976).