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Trophy: Shock and Awe
Defeat Shocker Bronze

Financial Shock is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. This serves as round two of the conflict between Shocker and Spider-Man, as Shocker has escaped police custody and is robbing again. It's up to players to apprehend him for the second time. During the fight, Spider-Man gains enough information to determine that Shocker is working, under duress, for the Inner Demons.

The fight consists of plenty of dodging, as Shocker uses not only an electrical blast from a distance, but an area-of-effect when he lands near Spider-Man. The best time to strike is when he has temporarily exhausted his energy and is standing still – his bubble will be flickering. During the second part of the fight, after Shocker escapes from being webbed, he then starts using a tremor-type ability. It is important for players to stay off the ground as much as possible if in his line of fire. Slinging items from above will stop this, and then Spider-Man is free to descend and attack as usual.

During the final phase of the fight, Shocker will remain still but fire fairly quickly. Spider-Man will need to keep dodging, yet find time to web-pull the supports above him that hold the world in place. Once these are gone, the art falls atop Shocker. He will try to break free using his suit, but it will bust and explode in the process.

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