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The Fear Itself Suit is a suit players can unlock at level 21 in Marvel's Spider-Man. It costs 2 Base Tokens, 6 Challenge Tokens, and 3 Research Tokens.



While the design pattern resemble those of Classic Suit, this suit's color scheme however, consists of blue, black, and some neon blue lines, while the lenses are a pale white color. The suit also sports gauntlets with blades on them, but they are mainly cosmetic and do not affect combat. The lines on the suit, including the web pattern, glow. This glowing effect is more visible in dark areas or at night.

Suit power

The Fear Itself Suit comes with the Quad Damage suit power. This ability serves as a massive boost to attack power, and while limited with a lengthy recharge, it enhances melee attacks by a great deal, letting Spider-Man power through enemies in mere seconds.

Original appearance

The suit originates from the Fear Itself comics.