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This page is for the ending to Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as witnessed by players after completing the mission The Battle For Harlem. It reveals the final disposition of characters such as Simon Krieger, Peter Parker, and Harry Osborn, setting up the story for the next elaboration.

Harlem Citizens

Simon gets arrested for his crimes!

Four weeks later, Danika Hart broadcast a good news about Simon Krieger. He is arrested for his crimes by the police thanks to Aaron Davis' testimony, with the latter got reduced sentence for not only turning himself in, but also sending the evidence to the authorities of Krieger’s corruption at Roxxon. Miles is seen greeting Teo Alvarez and his cat "Spider-Man", then going home while greeting his neighborhoods he comes across:

Peter Parker

After Peter returns home from his trip at Symkaria, Miles arrives drinking a latte in the same way as Peter did four weeks ago. Peter praises Miles about what it means to be a Spider-Man because not all superhero jobs will be easy. Learning from Miles' experiences against Roxxon and the Underground, Peter fills another oath of being a Spider-Man to ensure none of the bad guys with shady businesses will get away from their crimes like what Roxxon did to Harlem, and the Mason siblings. As the police sirens are heard chasing a car of criminals, the Spider-Men begin to swing to the crime scene.

Harry Osborn (mid-credits)

Norman looking at his son Harry.

Harry woke up inside the container he slept from the Epilogue of the first game's main story at first-person view while hearing the news of Rio Morales has officially become a City Councilwoman thanks to Aaron. It is revealed that Curt Connors, also known as the Lizard appears in his human form, is enlisted by Harry's father, Norman to examine and study a disease his son inherited from his late wife Emily. Although the disease is negated by the black web-like substance while Harry remains in the container, Norman angrily insists Curt to get Harry out of the container, despite the warning of the disease will come back hurting his son.

Phin Mason (post-credits)

Miles at Financial District's Trinity Chruch to put a Science Award cube.

At Financial District's Trinity Church graveyard, Miles brought the Science Award which he and Phin won before their first day in their respective high school/academy. Miles put the cube on the top of the church as a final farewell to his late-friend, and left.

Other characters

  • After Phin's death, the Underground kept her technology around and were still active. However, Roxxon was taken down when Aaron turned himself into the police and leaked damning evidence about Nuform indicting Roxxon, leading to Simon's arrest.