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This page is for the ending to Marvel's Spider-Man, as witnessed by players after completing the mission Pax in Bello. It reveals the final disposition of characters such as Aunt May, Miles Morales, and Harry Osborn, setting up the story for potential elaboration.

Aunt May

Aunt May on her deathbed

After defeating Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man enters F.E.A.S.T. where Aunt May is resting, and gives Dr. Morgan Michaels the Devil's Breath antiserum.

Upon completing his analysis of the antiserum, Michaels confirms the antiserum is still viable, but there is only enough supply for a single use: the entire sample is required to produce more doses, a process which will take hours at the least. Knowing that May has minutes at most to live without the cure, Peter is faced with an impossible choice: saving May will doom the rest of New York, but giving the cure to Michaels will mean the death of the only family he has left.

Sensing Spider-Man's conflict, Michaels leaves him alone with May. As Spider-Man approaches her, May asks Spider-Man to take off his mask, as she wants to see her nephew, revealing that she has known for a while Peter Parker and Spider-Man were one and the same. She says how proud she is, and how proud Uncle Ben would be as well for all the lives he has saved as Spider-Man. After initially moving to give May the antiserum, Peter changes his mind and chooses to save people except May. Peter breaks down in tears as he spends his last moments with May, and as the screen fades to black, she flat-lines.

The next day, people are shown lining up for the cure, having been fully replicated and saving the city. A funeral is held for May, and she is buried next to Uncle Ben.

Mary Jane Watson

Three months later, Mary Jane Watson meets up with Peter at the Mick's restaurant, letting him know the news that she is now an associate editor at the Daily Bugle. Peter is still out of a job and is considering a career change, thinking about what happened three months ago. Mary Jane notices his bags as Peter explains he has to crash with Miles until his new place is ready. Mary Jane offers her place to move into for the time being, and the two decide to rekindle their relationship as they share a love kiss.

Miles Morales (mid-credits)

Peter and Miles

Sometime later Miles helps Peter move into his new place when it is ready. As the two talk, Miles reveals to Peter that strange things have been happening to him recently. Peter assumes this is puberty, but Miles cuts him off. He jumps up and latches himself to the ceiling, revealing that he has gained spider-like powers after getting bitten by the spider that escaped from Norman Osborn's secret lab. This prompts Peter to reveal his own secret, doing the same to hang beside him.

Harry Osborn (post-credits)

Norman looks at his son Harry

After demoted from his mayor duty in disgrace, with Oscorp stock plummet because of his failure on securing Devil’s Breath, Norman walks through his penthouse, coming to the picture of him and Harry. Using the keypad Mary Jane used earlier, he steps into his hidden lab. In the corner rests a large container, and it opens to reveal Harry floating in stasis with a black web-like substance. Norman bemoans the failure of Devil's Breath as a cure for Harry's condition, but vows that he will keep trying to find a way to save his son. Holding back tears as he tells Harry he loves him, Norman places his hand on the container; while he isn't looking the substance reacts and copies him.

Other characters

  • On the next day after May's death, Rio helps her son Miles, alongside the now former Oscorp researcher Dr. Michaels on providing mass produced antiserum to the victims of Devil's Breath, with an association from TriCorp. Later, she alongside Miles attends May's funeral held by Peter and Mary Jane.
  • After May's funeral scene, Otto Octavius is arrested by Sable Mercenaries into his jail cell at The Raft with his artificial limbs removed.
  • After the credits scenes, in three months after Devil’s Breath pandemic is over, it reveals some characters’ current fate:
    • Yuriko Watanabe and her mother are now vaccinated by Devil’s Breath antiserum alongside her fellow policemen.
    • Gloria Davila becomes a manager of F.E.A.S.T., later revealed to be its North branch at Harlem in Miles Morales.
    • Cam’s friend and rival chess gaming at F.E.A.S.T., Eileen was revealed to be infected by Devil’s Breath, but survived and cured off-screen. Additionally, Cam will leave F.E.A.S.T. to stay with Eileen and her family sometimes later.