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Don't Touch the Art is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. In this mission, Yuriko Watanabe asks Spider-Man to investigate whether a silent alarm tripped at the estate auction of Wilson Fisk is legitimate. Players sneak into the auction house, encountering the Inner Demons for the first time, as well as being formally introduced to Mary Jane Watson.

The beginning of the mission is all about stealth as Spider-Man eventually makes his way to Mary Jane. Then, once they interact, players get to play from Mary Jane's perspective as she experienced the break-in. She finds her way to a statue during her exploration, needing to move its pieces in order to unlock a secret compartment.

Within is a file on Norman Osborn and something called Devil's Breath. This is the file the Inner Demons broke in to find. Players then switch back to Spider-Man in order to complete their stealth mission.

Later, Peter and Mary Jane meet at a restaurant and catch up, but their conversation is interrupted by sirens. Peter leaves, and Mary Jane soon follows. The end of this scene contains a cameo from Stan Lee.

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