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Dinner Date is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Mary Jane Watson calls Peter Parker, confirming their dinner date plans and offering to go to the store to pick up some things so he can cook. Players have some time on their hands before the next phone call, so are free to roam the city to pick up side missions and citywide activities.

Once Mary Jane calls again, players are free to proceed to her apartment. Once they arrive, Mary Jane lets Peter know that she went to one of Martin Li's properties earlier in the day, handing Peter a GPS tracker she recovered.

Players are then taken into Mary Jane's story from earlier in the day. Playing as Mary Jane, this is very much a stealth mission, and being spotted means failure. Players can use objects to distract thugs, but most take care to avoid walking into boxes or over broken glass. She will uncover tires intended for a large vehicle, military grade weapons, and the fact that Tombstone works for Li.

Players return to the present where Mary Jane discusses with Peter what she found, and he shares his information on the Devil's Breath file. She also suggests they become partners. Before he can finish cooking, an alert comes in about Charles Standish, Oscorp's CFO, and he has to leave.


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