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Day to Remember is the twelfth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Spider-Man travels to Octavius Industries to witness Otto working with an amputee on a prosthetic that will respond to his thoughts.


Peter Parker arrives to witness Otto working with the amputee. Just as success is realized, Mayor Norman Osborn enters with an order to shut the site down due to "hazardous conditions", explaining the grant came with strict safety violations. Osborn first states he excused Otto Octavius' previous safety violations and that this was too far, before escorting the amputee to visit Oscorp Robotics to receive prosthetics. Otto then accuses Osborn of misusing his power, and implies the two have a history.

Osborn attempts to strong-arm Otto into returning to work at Oscorp. Meanwhile, he tries to convince Peter Parker to think seriously about opening up a business with Harry Osborn, who will be returning from Europe shortly. After Norman and his staff leave, Otto informs Peter he no longer has the funds to pay him and that he should go out and find another job. Peter leaves, wishing he could help Octavius, and first thinks to call Harry for help. Though he dismisses the idea, he remembers Harry had several research stations across the city, and visits one.


Players do not engage in combat in this mission. Instead, they show up to Octavius' lab to control Peter Parker, and after entering it, a cutscene commences. Once it ends, the player controls Spider-Man again with a waypoint to the next mission, "Harry's Passion Project".