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The Cyborg Spider-Man Suit is a suit players can unlock in the "Silver Lining" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man. It is rewarded to players after completing One Plus One Equals Win, the final mission featured in the DLC.

The suit is based upon a classic Spider-Man suit variant introduced in Spider-Man #21, where the superhero gets a temporary cybernetic upgrade courtesy of a scientist named Oscar McDonnell and his organization, Care Labs. A similar costume is worn by Spider-Man of Earth-2818, first seen in Superior Spider-Man #33.


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The suit is a less damaged version of the game's Classic Suit, equipped with additional features:

  • A utility belt, with eight yellow packs and four grenades.
  • A cybernetic left arm, along with a shoulder pad, and three more grenades on the side of its upper left arm.
  • A white headband.
  • A splinter cell goggle for its left eye.
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