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Trophy: Veloci-Skates
Chase Tinkerer through the city Bronze

Curtain Call is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In this mission, Miles Morales reveals his identity to Tinkerer.


Miles' plan is to figure to what Phin's plans are with Nuform and take it from her too. The Nuform is being housed in an auditorium, to access it Miles defeats the enemies in the area and drains the generators that were preventing him from getting in. Once he's inside Miles attempts to take the Nuform from the large container concealing by charging up generators, however Tinkerer and her goons show up before he could obtain it.

Miles then subdues the enemies and then continues to take the vial of Nuform, but Tinkerer swats him away effortlessly. This causes Miles to have no choice but to chase Tinkerer throughout Manhattan leaving a destructive path behind her. Once caught up with her, Tinkerer unveils her programmable matter sword and threatens Miles' life. Before this happened however Miles unmasks himself, leaving Phin in shock.


Head to the waypoint and defeat the enemies, use the Venom Energy to charge the generators in the area, afterwards venom smash the roof to access the building. Pull the gears, web it in place and then crawl through the space available until you access the room where the Nuform is kept. To pull back curtain, charge the generators by connecting tethers together. Once during the chase segment of the mission simply follow Tinkerer throughout Manhattan while dodging explosions until you've caught up with her.