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Crime Tokens are a type of token players can earn in Marvel's Spider-Man. These are some of the easier tokens to acquire, requiring Spider-Man to interrupt any street crimes he comes across while on his various missions.

These crimes can be discovered initially via the intel provided by Yuri Watanabe; later, players can scan their environment (R3) after syncing with Surveillance Towers.

Locations Edit

Crafting Edit

Suit mods
  • Ballistic Inserts (3)
  • Battle Tech (1)
  • Bio Mesh (6)
  • Blast Plates (6)
  • Charged Outer Mesh (6)
  • Combat Analyzer (3)
  • Discharge Power Cells (3)
  • Full Charge Capacitors (4)
  • Gel Padding (3)
  • Kinetic Power Cells (3)
  • Reactive Lenses (4)
  • Scavenger (3)
  • Stormbolt Discharger (6)
  • Webbed Striker (4)
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