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Trophy: Unacceptable
Complete the "Scales of Justice" mission Bronze

Crime Scene Recordings are collectibles found across the map in Marvel's Spider-Man, appearing in the "Silver Lining" downloadable content. Crime Scene Recordings become available after completing the mission Getting Deep, and require Spider-Man to find a series of recordings left at the sites of various murders across New York City. Each recording will result in a reward of 50 XP upon being found. After acquiring all nine recordings—three in Financial District, two in Chinatown, two in Greenwich, and two in Midtown—the side mission Scales of Justice is unlocked, which awards 1500 XP upon completion.

After being put on administrative leave from the NYPD in the aftermath of the Hammerhead incident,[a] Yuri Watanabe leads Spider-Man across several crime scenes in New York that were the work of a Maggia enforcer and include audio recordings of her and one of her officers' attempts to take the criminal down. After Spider-Man finds all the recordings, Yuri leads him to a rooftop where it's revealed she killed the enforcer and covered him in purple and yellow police tape. She tells Spider-Man that she's had it with the system and will dispense justice her own way despite her former ally's objections.


  1. As depicted in the "Turf Wars" DLC.