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Couch Surfing is the eighteenth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Aunt May calls Peter Parker, as he forgot they were scheduled for diinner that night, and he reveals to her that the lab lost funding and he was evicted from his apartment. She offers her couch at her office in the F.E.A.S.T. shelter.


Once Peter arrives at May's couch at the shelter, he quickly falls asleep. He finds Aunt May at her desk in the morning, and she has left him cash to help. Peter initially can't accept, but May insists, telling him he is much like his uncle Ben Parker and must swallow the "Parker pride" and ask for help next time. Martin Li interrupts their conversation to announce he is leaving town and that she is in charge until he returns. Peter also receives a call from Mary Jane Watson about an award Jefferson Davis is receiving from Norman Osborn, inviting Peter to come to the ceremony.


After arriving at the shelter, the player controls Peter Parker and must head to May's office. After a short cutscene, leave the office to receive a call from Mary Jane Watson, then leave the shelter to regain control of Spider-Man. A few side missions are available, including "Helping Howard" and "Internet Famous". An activity must be completed before the next mission, "Straw, Meet Camel", is available.