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Trophy: The Core of the Problem
Investigate Roxxon's underground lab Bronze

Corporate Espionage is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles Morales heads to the Roxxon research lab where Nuform was first developed to find Phin Mason's phone which holds the information Miles needs.


Before proceeding inside, Miles has to subdue enemies and absorb energy from a generator to disable the shielding that was preventing inside the building. Once indoors, Miles is surprised by the Prowler jumping down behind him, Miles quickly pounces on him. Prowler laughs as he unmasks himself, revealing himself to be none other than Aaron Davis, Miles' uncle. Davis advises Miles to escape while he can, but Miles is adamant to continue his work so instead of leaving Miles tells his uncle to help him.

Davis disables the laser shielding to the next area, after swinging Miles listen above to Simon Krieger speaking to one of his lab techs in a harsh tone. The scientist is attempting to create more Nuform before the deadline but requires another canister in order to create more due to Rick Mason dying with the secret of how to perfect it.

After Miles takes down the enemies in the next room, he uses the terminal to get to the Nuform Reactor prototype, before doing so he discovers that there are more Research Labs throughout New York city, each with their own reactors inside. In the room withe the reactor are more enemies, once they've been dealt with Miles disbles the fan that ws preventing him from reaching the phone. He charges it with his bio-electricity to watch a video.

The video on the phone reveals that Rick and Phin were trying to override the Nuform Reactor to wipe it from existence. A shield suddenly conceals Rick, Simon Krieger lets the energy overcome Rick and isn't concerned about his demise, Phin tries with all her might to break the shield but is too late, the energy kills Rick and a heart broken Phin is left crying on the floor. This information causes Miles to take matters into his own hands and disable the reactor permanently, he asks Davis to unlock the reactor. Miles approaches it and absorbs all the energy it was holding, this overwhelming amount of energy causes Miles to struggle and tear down parts of the lab in during all the damage Phin's phone is destroyed.

After Miles releases the energy that he absorbed, he escapes. However he encounters more enemies to fight, Miles and Aaron fight side by side the swarm of enemies heading towards them. To escape, Davis blows a hole through the wall to leave via a train, on top, Davis tells Miles that he should use Phin as a friend to "join" the Underground.


Go to the waypoint and defeat the enemies, absorb the energy from the generator then head inside, after doing so crawl through the vents and turn left to continue the mission. Defeat the enemies in the proceeding rooms until you reach the room with the Nuform reactor, break the wires above the fan to reach Phin's phone. Once the shielding to the recto is unlocked by Davis absorb it and continue to move forward. Crawl upwards then defeat the enemies until Davis blows a hole through the wall, allowing you to complete the mission.