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Discharge a pulse of sonic waves that sends enemies flying.

Concussive Blast is a gadget in Marvel's Spider-Man. Unlocked at level 10, it has the highest cost of all gadgets, requiring 2 Challenge Tokens and 6 Crime Tokens.


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The Concussive Blast emits a powerful sonic wave, causing nearby enemies to tumble backwards with great force. This is ideal for clearing rooftops or scaffolding of enemies, as it can send them flying over the edge, instantly knocking them out of combat.[a] The gadget is also highly useful in situations where Spider-Man finds himself surrounded by a large number of enemies.

The blast from this gadget also disarms most enemies off their weapons; while they can pick it up later, it gives the player a lot of room to take them down with greater ease. The disarming effect also applies to Sable units' protective energy generator; this makes said units vulnerable to regular webbing effects even when not catching the disabling effect of their own hacking grenade.

Using the Concussive Blast against hovering jetpack units will only push them away.

The Concussive Blast, like all other gadgets, can be fully upgraded over time, eventually adding more capacity, as well as having a wider blast radius and a further knockback range, making space for Spider-Man to clear bigger areas of enemies a lot faster.


Requirement Description Cost
Unlocked at level 15 Increased Gadget Shot Capacity: Increases maximum shots for this gadget by 1. 1 Backpack Token
4 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 20 Expansion Nozzle: Wider concussive blast. 2 Base Tokens
1 Research Token
Unlocked at level 25 Increased Gadget Shot Capacity: Increases maximum shots for this gadget by 1. 2 Challenge Tokens
4 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 30 Super Charger: Increases knockback range. 2 Backpack Tokens
3 Challenge Tokens


  1. It is possible for enemies that are thrown off a rooftop with the Concussive Blast to land on another without being knocked out. Players should consider this possibility when going for a speedrun, or confused as to why a crime is not considered completed.