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The Classic Suit, or the Classic Suit (Repaired) is a suit, in which players can use in Marvel's Spider-Man. Players start the game using this "Classic Suit", but it becomes damaged during The Main Event, the first mission. After completing the mission Something Old, Something New, players can use this version of the suit again if they choose, but it will cost 2 Backpack Tokens and 2 Crime Tokens.



The Classic Suit follows a blue and red color scheme. The body, head, outer arms, upper hip, and knee-high boots are red while the inner arms, upper legs, and outer torso are matt blue. The colors are in a bright tone, especially among the red coloring. The eye lenses are black on the outline and white in the middle. They are also wide.

The spider insignia is small, fist-sized, and centered just above the chest. At the back, there is another spider insignia but instead of black, it's red and big. The web-shooters are located in the wrists. The boots are also slightly below the knee, with black outlining covering them and the feet. The black outlining in particular resembles a spider's web, especially on the mask area and the torso. These outlines split the suit into rectangle segments, which are especially visible on the torso area, neck and shoulders.

Other versions of the suit are the Vintage Comic Book Suit and the Cyborg Spider-Man Suit. The Vintage Comic Book suit is a comic book-style version of the suit while the Cyborg version is a less-damaged version of the suit equipped with cybernetic artillery.

Suit power

The suit comes with the Web Blossom special power, allowing Spider-Man to launch Impact Web-like attacks all around him in a spinning attack, webbing up any enemies nearby and launching them away – which can pin them to walls or other objects.

Original appearance

The Classic Suit is based on the iconic original costume that Spider-Man has worn for most of his career in the comics.