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The Classic Suit is the primary suit of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales players can equip.


After his suit which was gifted by Peter Parker was heavily damaged during the Braithwaite Bridge catastrophe, he and Ganke created a new suit for him to use during his next crime fighting.


Like Peter's Advanced Suit, this suit is installed with a myriad of technological expansions. He is able to listen to crime reports as well as podcasts from either J. Jonah Jameson or Danika Hart. His lenses are able to analyse the environment, spot enemies through walls and track vapour trails. Peter updated the lenses to include a new function, this allowed Miles to tag enemies with a marker so that he never loses track of them.


The Classic Suit uses a red and black color scheme. It is predominantly black in color but utilizes red for its spider insignia across the chest alongside a V-shape stretching from the the groin up to the shoulders. The outlines throughout the suit's torso and mask area are colored red against the black. The finger joints where the web shooters are located are red while the palm of the hand is black. Elsewhere on the suit, the black coloring persists, transitioning to matt coloring on the legs and feet. There are also knee pads embedded into the suit for shock absorption. The only part of the suit that differs in this color scheme are the eye lenses, which are a faded white.

The web-shooter design and color for this suit are also drastically changed than the ones from Peter Parker’s red and blue color theme. Same applies to most of Miles’ own red and black color themed costumes, including its gold counterpart Uptown Pride Suit.

Original appearance

The Classic Suit is based on the original costume that Miles Morales has worn for most of his career as Spider-Man in the comics. A female clone of the late-Peter Parker, Jessica Drew was instructed by Nick Fury to create this primary suit for Miles, after the latter helped S.H.I.E.L.D. on apprehending Electro.