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The Classic Suit (Damaged) is a suit players can unlock in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is the battle-damaged version of the Classic Suit that Spider-Man (Peter Parker) dons at the start of the game. Unlike its repaired counterpart, it does not possess an associated suit power.


The damaged Classic Suit.

After the Classic Suit gets torn to shreds in the prologue, Spider-Man continues to wear this damaged version of the suit and bare the scars of his fight with Kingpin. With Otto Octavius's aid in the mission Something Old, Something New, Peter is later able to switch from this suit to his new Advanced Suit, an upgraded version of the Classic Suit.

Players may elect to equip the damaged Classic Suit again at the conclusion of Something Old, Something New.


The Classic Suit, even when damaged, maintains the blue and red color scheme its repaired counterpart. The body, head, outer arms, upper hip and knee high boots are red while the inner arms, upper legs and outer torso are matt blue. The colors are in a bright tone, especially among the red coloring. The eye lenses are black on the outline and white in the middle. They are also wide.

The spider insignia is small, fist-sized and centred just above the chest. The web shooters are located in the wrists. The boots are also slightly below the knee, with black outlining covering them and the feet. The black outlining in particular resembles a spider's web, especially on the mask area and the torso. These outlines split the suit into rectangle segments, which are especially visible on the torso area, neck and shoulders.

However, this suit holds notable distinctions from the repaired variant. Notably, it is covered in dust and dirt marks, especially around the upper legs. There are also several tears throughout the suit, most visibly a large gash over the center exposing the chest. Other notable tears are just below the left knee, on the outer right leg, the outer right torso and the inner right arm.

Original appearance

The Classic Suit is based on the iconic original costume that Spider-Man has worn for most of his career in the comics.