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Charles Standish is a minor character in Marvel's Spider-Man. He serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Oscorp.


Marvel's Spider-Man

Wanting to know the identity of the scientist working on Devil's Breath, the Inner Demons infiltrate Standish's apartment and take him hostage. It is only through the intervention of Spider-Man that he is rescued. Though Sable International arrives to take him to safety (and to keep him from revealing anything else), he does manage to let Spider-Man know that Isaac Delaney is the one he should be looking for.

When Morgan Michaels turns up as another lead, Mary Jane Watson sneaks into where Standish is being held by Sable International to question him. She only manages to learn about a vague plot at Central Station before Spider-Man interrupts. In the resulting confusion, Standish trips as he backs away, knocking himself unconscious.


Standish is a middle-aged Caucasian man of average build. He has dark brown hair which he keeps in a bun, hazel eyes, round-rimmed glasses, and a beard with flecks of gray. Standish's personality is not thoroughly explored in the course of the game. However, it is clear that the life-threatening situations he has been placed through have taken a toll on him, making him jumpy and somewhat paranoid.

Original appearance

Charles Standish's first appearance was in Avengers vol. 3 #0 (August 1999).

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