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Trophy: Cat Prints
Track down Black Cat Silver

Cat's Cradle is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is located in the Upper West Side district and is unlocked after finding all the mascots previously hidden by the Black Cat.


After finding all the mascots hidden by Black Cat, Spider-Man ran an algorithm to track her location, believing if he caught her first he could stop her from robbing.

Upon arriving at the hideout, he found several items, including financial data on the Maggia crime families, and art stolen from Wilson Fisk. He then discovered a recorded message left from Black Cat, in which she told him it was all a set-up. Once the Black Cat figurines were all together in the police evidence room, they hooked up and boosted their signal to deactivate the alarms to the police headquarters, allowing Black Cat to sneak in and retrieve her gear. Spider-Man realized she was planning something much bigger, as she had found $50,000,000 worth of loot just to retrieve her items.


Go to the old train depot and look for a hidden entrance found on the right side of the wall. Once inside, Spider-Man will notice several items on shelves and the walls created or confiscated by the Black Cat.

There are a few items that can be inspected, but the most important is the voice recorder message at the end of the room. Find it to complete the mission and collect the Dark Suit.