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The Bodega Cat Suit is a suit players can use in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is unlocked by finishing the story campaign and completing the Cat's Pyjamas mission.


After saving Teo Alvarez's cat, "Spider-Man" at Looters!!! mission, then weeks later after Roxxon's corruptions by Simon Krieger is exposed to the public by Aaron Davis, Miles visited Teo's Bodega where he receive the suit, where "Spider-Man", now known as Spider-Cat becomes Miles' available companion anytime during his crime fighting career.



The Bodega Cat Suit consists of multiple layers of clothing worn by Miles on top of a metallic looking suit that resembles the Classic Suit with different materials. On top of it is a red sweatshirt with an upside down spider symbol, and a white shirt sticking out underneath. In this suit, Miles sports a pair of red-black sneakers, similar to the ones worn in Sportswear and Brooklyn Visions Academy suits, and a backpack that holds Spider-Man the cat, now called Spider-Cat after donning a tiny Spider-Man mask, hence giving the suit its name. However Spider-Cat isn't for show, because occasionally during takedowns, Spider-Cat will leap out of his backpack and attack the enemy during the takedown, as part of the suit's finisher feature. Spider-Cat will also adorably cheer on Miles during fights, especially after winning. Since this suit doesn't contain its own suit mods or visor mods, players will need to manually attach them in order to upgrade the suit. In addition, there is a small 'trick' that allows players to temporarily replace Spider-Cat with a maskless tuxedo cat named Vector. This can be done by opening the FNSM app, selecting the "Lost Cat" activity, and going further into the activity until the part where the player can grab Vector. There is also another trick involving the same FNSM activity that allows players to take a selfie with both Spider-Cat and Vector.

Original appearance


The Bodega Suit is inspired from the training sweater outfit worn by Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man #40 (2011).


The identity Spider-Cat first appeared in Spider-Island: I Love New York City #1, first worn by the Spider-Cat of Earth-999.