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Trophy: Cat's Out of the Bag
Collect a Black Cat collectible Bronze

Black Cat Stakeouts are citywide activities players can choose to take part in after they have completed the Stakeout mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It consists of finding all eleven Black Cat figurines that Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, has hidden around the city.

Black Cat is back in town and she's leaving mysterious clues for Spider-Man to find in various locations across the city. Each stakeout location has a camera installed on a rooftop, tasking players with finding a little Black Cat doll hidden somewhere within sight of the location, and snapping a picture of it. The dolls are normally perched partially obscured in a doorway or window, and there is usually a bit of graffiti nearby depicting Black Cat herself.

Once players have found all the dolls and Spider-Man has finally tracked down her lair, the side mission Cat's Cradle is unlocked, which rewards players with the Dark Suit.

Black Cat Stakeouts are marked on the map and scattered over eight districts:

District Black Cat Stakeouts
Chinatown 1
Financial District 2
Greenwich 1
Harlem 1
Hell's Kitchen 2
Midtown 2
Upper East Side 1
Upper West Side 1