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Benjamin "Ben" Parker, commonly known as Uncle Ben, is a character mentioned in Marvel's Spider-Man. The husband of May Parker and the paternal uncle of Peter Parker, Uncle Ben was shot to death eight years prior to the events of the game.


Ben was born in 1952 and was later married to May Reilly. After his brother, Richard Parker, and his wife, Mary, were killed in a plane crash, Ben took care of their son, Peter, with May. Peter and Ben had a strong bond and went to various events together, such as ball games. In 2010, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, and gained spider-like abilities, using them to participate in wrestling matches and performing TV shows, until he saw a burglar fleeing from a cop, and allowed him to escape, thinking it wasn't his problem. This would backfire on Peter though, as the same burglar robbed his house and killed Ben. Guilty and devastated, Peter resolved to never leave a life to suffer the same fate as Ben, and eventually quit performing to fight crime as the vigilante Spider-Man. Ben's death continues to inspire Peter to this day.

Uncle Ben's grave

Uncle Ben's grave makes an appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man at the cemetery in Harlem. The player can prompt Spider-Man to pay respects at the grave to unlock the trophy "With Great Power". After Aunt May passes away, she is buried next to Ben.

Original appearance

The character of Uncle Ben first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15.